“Unless there is something about Thomas happening in training etc (that we don’t know about) I really struggle to work out why we don’t see more of him ?”

“He’s a potential matchwinner but a loose cannon when he’s not.”

“When you say “loose cannon”, I take it you really mean “rubbish”?”

“no right foot whatsoever
and cant kick it into the stand quick enough once he gets the ball”

“Can’t see him featuring for us in the play offs.
Thank goodness he’s only on loan. There were rumours that PH wanted to sign him, but Sheffield United wouldn’t let him go.”

“he has not played much but in previous games has shown some fast feet with good awareness and distribution , however he does seem to drift in and out of games and gets frustrated easily”

” Remember – Hurst wanted him in 4 windows but could not get the deal done until this Jan. Clearly a player Hurst rated and chased for ages. He got in the team pretty quick (started at Bristol Rovers) and played a few but something has clearly happened. Hursts off hand comments about him the other week suggest a falling out and he looks a shadow of the player who’s shown some good glimpses at times. For me we have a team, everyone works for everyone
Hes an individual, was to selfish, hes shooting from range all the time, wants to keep running and running with the ball when a pass is on. Strikes me hes not a good team player. That and hes bang out of form.”

“Thomas was shocking at Wembley and has gone downhill since. I suspect that Hurst is telling him to be more of a team player and more controlled on the ball. But he’s having none of it. Eisa is well ahead of him in the pecking order now, and with Whalley and Rodman to return we shouldn’t need Thomas anyway. Game over, Nathan. May as well return to Sheffield.”

“Send him back where he came from he is a liability .”

“He’s been a dud.
I recall a run down the wing at astonishing pace in what I think was his first appearance and goals at Fleetwood and Rochdale that suggested he could be quite a player.
Everything else suggests he isn’t.
If he steps up at the eleventh hour and shows that he can be the match winner we all hoped he might be, I’ll gladly be made to look stupid, but Eisa looks more likely to do that.”
“Thomas has flattered to deceive. When he came on at Fleetwood I thought he’d give us something different for the rest of the season but for whatever reason he simply doesn’t look up to speed.”
“I thought Thomas would be great too, particularly after Bristol Rovers away but obviously something just isn’t right. Whether that’s him, the club, the style we play, I guess we’ll never know but he certainly doesn’t have the same enthusiasm as the rest of the team – or so it seems to me.”
“I’d stick my neck on the line and say there is definatly a player there. He has a vicious shot, can run at people and has an eye for a pass. Something has gone wrong, i’m not sure if it’s the relationship with Hurst but something is a miss. With a full pre-season under his belt he’d be a top player in this division in most sides
“He evidently isn’t happy about something, we just don’t know what.”

By Roy

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