Thank-you to George Long for playing a key role in keeping us in League One for a third season”

“We’ve had some great keepers, but he’s up there with the best of the best (in my view). Can’t see how he would stay (bound to be a Champ team who’ll nab him), but we’ve just got to keep showing him our passion and maybe (just maybe …).”

“We take him back on the spot”

“Dream on about trying to sign him permanently. Not going to happen”

“I agree he will be beyond us”

“He applauded the Athletics End for some time as he finishes his warm up. With a heavy heart, we say that he ends it with a wave goodbye. Thank you, George”

“Time to start a go fund me to pay for his wages next season”

“We should set up a boy George fund to keep him”

“Good man George how could we not take to you any one that loves our club we will love them 10 fold back ”

“Imagine he is ready for top L1 or Championship side, whether on loan or for ££. Been a shining light (and we gave him lots to do!)”

“Sheff Utd loan us little Gem, love him to stay and join those other Dons goalkeeping legends,George you are the man”

“Sheff Utd  were pretty decent last year, and they’ve got a fab manager, but if they’ve got two keepers ahead of him I’m even more impressed!”

“Love him but he has a cylindrical head”

By Roy

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