Man Utd Fans


“Great move for him. Proper football club, and a championship season will do him good.”

“Good luck Dean. Work hard, be lucky and it will all be at your feet before you know it.”

“I’m really exited hearing all the hype about him”

“I believe in him. Natural replacement for De Gea down the line”

“I t’s telling that only a month ago, the likes of Arsenal and Spurs were linked with trying to take him for free.
This guy has great potential as a ‘keeper, he’ll end up better than Butland & Pickford.”

“Played brilliantly for Shrewsbury last year and one of the reasons why they almost got promoted. I imagine a lot of English clubs will have scouted him.”

“Henderson might not be United’s starting goalkeeper in the future because we have De Gea but the lad is talented as feck and could go for big money in a few years.”

“Amazing keeper”

“Sam Johnstone is far superior to this young clown.”

“Who the hell is Dean Henderson”


Shrewsbury Fans


“Can I be the first one to wish Deano all the success next year and in the future wherever he goes
A great player and a true gentleman
Thanks Deano for everything”

“Great keeper. Loved him here”

“One of the best loan signings we’ve ever had. He’ll go on to have a pretty good career I’d suggest.”

“I actually think he will be the England keeper in 5 years or so and rightly so as he’s pure class.”

“Fantastic player and person, great to see him come over the barriers and give away his gloves, boots and shin pads.”

“I love how committed he has been to Shrewsbury and am certain he will have a fantastic career. And if his form ever drops and he needs to go out in loan again to reset himself, I would have him back in a heartbeat.”

“Has a great career ahead of him”

“He will be almost impossible to replace”

“his manner of departure is contrast to Mr Hurst. Both had superb seasons on their individual experiences, yet Dean will go down as a “popular” legend. Don’t know him personally, but watching his actions on the balcony, after Charlton, leading the chorus in front of the senior players, and Roland, with his enthusiasm and eagerness to play to the crowd suggests leadership qualities……
Could he be a future manager or something or maybe a TV pundit if he makes it at a big club. Thanks Dean, and what is it with Salop goalies, so many brilliant ones over the years…..”

“He is quality but the last couple months he seemed to have lost the ability to come and take a cross cleanly without dropping/fumbling it.
Apart from that a top class lad and keeper.”

“He made a few mistakes in the last few months with his catching and positioning for set pieces but I was definitely impressed with him overall and he will learn from this season and kick on with man utd, I really do think one more season out on loan and he will be man utd first team goalkeeper for the 19/20 campaign.”

“Gone to Sheff Utd. They had Jamal Blackman on loan last season who did well for them. Good move for Deano i think.
Could we now have George Long?”

“Or Mark Duffy!”

By Roy

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