“Sorry Sheffield United fans Egan is such a dead signing haha. Upgrade on Jack O’Connell nonetheless but honestly nothing special. Was a complete mess last season” “If we’ll sell him for anything more than £2m I’d be very happy!”

“dont think anyone at brentford properly rates him tbh!”

“A decent player but not at our level I’m afraid”

“He’s certainly more a Wilder player that a Brentford one.”

“I’m easy about it. Never felt he was great”

“When was the last time we signed a bad centre back? We seem to find them alright and Egan would be at the lower end in terms of quality”

“in previous sides John would have been a solid, popular, no nonsense defender. However we’ve been spoilt with some really good central defenders, Herman, Ivor, Sonko, Sodje, Turner, Andreas and now Meps and John hasn’t quite reached their level”

“No great loss”

“When we first signed him, I was hoping for more from JE than he’s shown so far, but maybe he’s one of those players whose progress proves to be slow-but-steady?”

“our style of football dictates we play out of defence & I think Egan is the most uncomfortable defender at the club coming forward with the ball resulting more often than not with a sideways pass that loses us any momentum.”

“A decent player but someone already summed it up perfectly, I never felt all that confident with him in the team. Let’s just say i’d be more forgiving if Mads made a mistake next year than Egan, not all that sure why.”

“I think many on here will not be too bothered if JE moves on but even i forget hes getting recognition on the international stage and winning caps for Ireland. Shows how far we have come in the last decade.”

“I never felt confident with him in our team, in a team where a no nonsense stopper is required no problem but he is not a confident ball player imo”

“Egan has done ok but isn’t suited to our playing it out from the back style of play.”

“I think Egan is a decent CB but he’s never going to be more than that and as alluded to above he’s not a ball playing centre half so he doesn’t fit our style.”

“I dont think Egan is a bad player, but has limitations. We are not sticking to the status quo, exciting times.”

“He’s solid and played well back half last season but he’s limited in his ability to play out from the back and he needs a quick partner in the centre of defence.”

“No real need to sell him with two years left on his contract so I guess that the coaches have just decided he doesn’t suit our style and we have better options which I think most would agree with. Either that or Sheff U have offered us a really good deal.”

“Egan has developed into a damn good defensive centre half who puts his body on the line.
Personally I don’t think he suits our style of play but he’s tried hard to fit in and definitely improved on the ball”

“I also see Egan as a pretty good defender at this level and replacements of similar or better standard are hardly two a penny.”

“I like him. Poorest on the ball of our centre backs but does what you want your defender to do and that’s put your head on the line”

“I was a bit unsure about him but he was really good towards the end of the season and his passing and ability on the ball were much improved.”

“He was far more composed at the end of last season”

“Egan is an experienced and reliable defender who seldom has a bad game”

“He’s comfortable enough with the ball at his feet and I haven’t really seen that as too much of an issue. Not every defender is going to play like Beckenbauer and, as someone said earlier, the first priority is to defend. He also poses a serious threat at set pieces which our other defenders lack. “

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Brentford Fans Views On John Egan”
  1. well big jack wasn’t really getting in your team and Chrissy’s turned him into a very good player for us, lets hope he comes on like joc, just hope joc isn’t going to brighton for 6 mill

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