Wonderful player when fit and played in his right position. It was absolutely pointless playing him to track back & chase. It didn’t do him or the team any good. Ar least the idiot who asked him to do that has gone now. Good luck David & enjoy the rest of your career. “

Shame to see this one go but it is the right decision for us at the right time in his career. Injuries and wages can be deployed elsewhere. He was one of my favs for some time. Good luck DmcG”

Talented player. A dream to watch when injury free.”

Really is a lovely player on his day.”

Lovely footballer (on a large salary) who was at the end of his contract and wanted to move closer to his home. “

Awesome on his day… I guess those days were surrounded by injury. Huge shame.”

Was an excellent player, but too many injuries didn’t help his game time.”

Did well but too many injuries”

he will go all season without one now, he will probably score a record amount of goals too, just to to make sod’s law much more soddier”

On his day he’s unplayable, but how little did we see his day? Leicester offered us £8m and we turned down! Although at the time we was all glad we did so hindsight is a wonderful thing. “

Sad to see him go, on his day he was unplayable. But realistically, he became injury prone and was on a high wage”

He is quality on his day, just find him very hit and miss. Think we should have sold a few seasons back 10 million was too much to turn down for us.”

Technically very good player, but sooooooo slooooowwwwwww.”

Great on his day no doubt & a technically talented footballer but latterly injured too much & when playing often looked to be resting in past laurels.”

Our best/technically gifted payer over the past few years, unfortunately he is the football equivalent of David Haye, all the talent in the world but badly let down by his body.
And given he’s now in his thirties, you can’t see it improving. “

Quality player. Legs made of Wotsits.”

Talent never in doubt and a joy to watch.
Just a shame he’s made of glass.”

There is no point being good if you are injured a lot of the time.
No doubt t on his day he is a good player. Not many can argue we had to lwt him.go being a high earner and not playing many games”

Unfortunately he cant stay consistently fit, and was one of our highest earners.”

Everybody rates him, but he can barely do 90 minutes and is very lazy. “

good on his day but not consistent enough in my eyes.”

Poor mans Berbatov, but just more injury prone. Could light up a match with 2/3 touches of magic. Didn’t need to run or chase balls to prove his quality. It’s a shame, but as many others have said, it frees up a lot of wages. Best of luck to the chap. “

He will be injured for 80 percent of his time as he was with us. Great game aren’t but attitude and effort lacking!”

As soon as he gets a contract somewhere his injuries will start up again, only saying”

Good riddance”

Thank God he left”

another of the lame and lazy should have gotten rid of 2 years ago IMHO”

By Roy

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