“Kean Bryan will play for England.”

“excellent footballer and seems like a decent lad with a good attitude.”

“I really like Bryan , hope he recovers from us and goes on to have a great career.”

“Bryan had a really good season at Oldham but was unfortunately injured towards the end of the season for last few games and he was a big miss”.

“Unfortunately, due to injuries we coudn’t play him. Had he that option I believe we’d still be in Division One. “

“He’s better than L2 for sure.”

“Can play comfortably in midfield or centre back. Really professional, great passer and decent from set pieces too!”

“Athletic, reads the game well for a young un and can pick a pass..can play at the back or in midfield”

“He can play in a number of places left mid left back center back and can also score goals have a look at his goal against Fleetwood last season”

“He should always be played in midfield”

“If he plays infront of the back 4 then he would probably need abit of time to adjust to that position as he has been a centre back throughout his career however he certainly has the  tools to do it.”

“He’s better futher forward where he can pull the strings”

“Personally think his best position could be left back but can understand people who want him pushed into midfield, one of his qualities is his versatility.”

“When he played midfield early doors he did appear to vacate the midfield area and it left us exposed. Think he might have to learn a little bit more positional sense but hes nore than capable plus his sweet left peg should mean he can start attacks from deep a d pass the ball forward accurately and quickly”

“Hits a decent free kick as well as being calm decent passer likes to get forward but fast enough to get back great player for us, turned up to a few away games and stood with the fans when injured at end of season quality that”

“I think he’s been a bit overhyped but I like him, he has a lot of potential. Seems to have a refreshingly good attitude for City academy player.”

“What worries me is why he isn’t off his tits on E and pissing on local monuments like a proper footballer”

“Im sure if he is introduced to Jose Baxter that can happen.”

By Roy

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