“Great game. Credit to the championship. they are the second best team we’ve seen. Even better than last year”

“Great game to watch. Second half we looked pretty good against a good side. We defended really well in the first half too.”

“Shef Utd look very good so a great win for us”

“First half was United’s, second half was ours.”

“Sheff Utd were impressive first half, without looking overly threatening imo. Second half was clearly much better from our point of view, and the tactical changes Frank and co introduced were a major part in us taking all the points”

“They were better in the first half, they kept knocking at the door, and they deserved their goal, but they weren’t that good that they deserved more than 1.  So they got as much as they deserved. WhT they should have done was then build on that momentum and continue that dominance into the second half. But they didn’t.  It was a good game, fairly contested, and the right team won for the right reasons. Not really much to moan about there.”

“Thought we played quite well tonight in a game that could have gone either way.
I always think we play better against sides that try and play football and Utd did that.
In the end our younger legs carried us through and I thought both of our goals were brilliantly taken.”

“We beat a good team today but overall I think that we can do a lot better with the players we have. We gave the ball away far too much especially in the first half, but we still had the quality to get the win and despite the lack of service for large parts of the game Jack Marriott is always likely to win you a game because he is so sharp in the box.
There will be days where we play better and lose, but overall another step in the right direction.”

“where DID sheff u’s endeavour go in the second half?”

“They ran out of steam. Really impressed with our fitness this season”

“We played better against Blackburn and even Norwich and didn’t win yet despite not being at our best today we beat top of the league. Major positive!”

“weird game to me, scoring early it seemed we didn’t know what to do (first half) press or sit back and counter. Sitting back and counter is stressful to watch but really we should of gone in at least 2-0 if Wilson had done the right thing twice!! weird also as they came out sitting back etc.. etc it’s like we didn’t know what to do either after the goal and they didn’t know what to do second half . “

“Watched this game on Sky. I was annoyed that the pundits were giving the Blades the big one. Just like Leeds, Sheff utd started the season well last season, then faded away. I feel they will run out of steam and will drop out of the promotion race.”

“Sheff U overachieved last season but did not fall away until after Christmas but they will get found out before that this season”

“I think the Blades are overrated – most of their points have come from beating poor teams.”

“Their first half performance was overrated. whoever the knob on sky doing the secondary commentary sounded like a Sheff Utd fan. Was laughing my tits off. He is still scratching his head at why Sheff United dominated the ball in the first half and not the second”

“A great performance second half, we played on the front foot  and that’s how we should try and play away from home as we would beat most teams in this league if we play with that intensity and quality of interchange in attack.”

“Best lol moment,  utd fans singing you’ve only come to see utd.”

By Roy

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