Fleetwood Town Fans Views On Ched Evans

“6 league goals now for Ched Evans. Impressive start to life in a Cod Army shirt “

“He has already been great for FTFC, we miss him when he is not playing. Ched and Paddy playing well together”

“Hope they look at the option to buy him”

“Gave us a bit more direction when he came on, could it have been a different story had he started?”

“No goal but that does not mean he did not play a vital role in this win. A key figure in our attacking play.”

Oxford Fans Views On Ricky Holmes

“Ricky Holmes has been our most lethal attacking outlet and having his injury managed game by game.”

“Undoubtedly a talented player, now approaching the latter part of his career. Requires regular times out, injections and is quit obviously getting very frustrated with what is going on around him.”

“Holmes might stay due to his seemingly undying man crush on Robinson. But I can’t see him lasting beyond a couple more defeats”

“Holmes is injury prone or an injury waiting to happen”

“Holmes has to have back injections and periodic ‘rests’”

“The chances of getting Ricky Holmes to sign a permanent deal with us are getting thinner by the week.”

“nothing to say apart from superb”

“another great performance”

“Holmes excellent today.”

“For me, Holmes is just superb to watch. Work rate. Skill. Shithousery. I really hope that we somehow manage to keep him till the end of the season”

Oxford Fans Views On Samir Carruthers


“I was really disappointed with what I saw from Carruthers, I know he’s probably rusty and needs time but I expected more from him”

“Carruthers was indeed dreadful”

“Carruthers was dreadful. Those little chips he tried to play into the box for Mackie were awful”

“Carruthers not fit and that allowed them to win the midfield battle”

“Carruthers terribly off the pace and got targeted”

“Carruthers is an injury waiting to happen.”

“we have other players in that role and he’s only on loan, so not much use to us longer term.”

“Gave the ball away time and time again but i think he will get up to speed and find some form soon enough.”
“admittedly it was only very brief, but he looked our only useful player in the 15 minutes he played v Barnsley before the injury “

Barrow Fans Views On Tyler Smith

“Smith was a constant threat”

“Smitthys run and through ball was fantastic”

“An excellent goal by Smith”

“I really hope we can keep Smith”

“Tyler Smith was magnificent – kicked to bits”

“only Tyler Smith can hold his head up”

Barrow Fans Views On Rhys Norrington Davies

“Plays with a maturity beyond his years and settled into the squad very quickly. Have been really impressed with what I’ve seen so far and clearly he has a future above VN level. Very early to tell, but if he continues to progress I would not rule out seeing him in the Sheff Utd first team squad by the end of next season. Hope he stays injury free. Shows how these longer term development loans can work for both sides if they get it right.
Very happy we have him for the rest of the season.”

“Keep forgetting he’s only 19 and Barrow is his first shot at first team football. Plays like he has a lot more experience”

“Bonus for us that he is staying for the season”

“Nice to see him called up for Wales U21’s”

“Great signing!”


Queen Of The South Fans Views On Callum Semple

“only Dobbie, Doyle and Semple got pass marks from me.”

“I thought Callum Semple was super. Really impressive for a 20 year old central defender and had the better of the bigger, stronger and more experienced Jordan White” “Very surprised to see Semple dropped to the bench”

“Very disappointed that Semple was rested yesterday. Pity Martin has not performed to any decent level so far this season to prevent the young lad from being rested.”

“very disappointed Semple was rested again”

“I was surprised he was dropped”

“Sure he will feature again soon.”

Notts County Fans Views On Nathan Thomas

“We have got to remember he is a loan player and there is no rumour of an option to buy. So with that in mind do we really want to develop players for others gain when we have talent on the bench and under contract. But having said that I do believe Thomas is a brilliant footballer and will succeed at this level.”

“i would have him starting personally”

“I think right now it’s right that he’s a rotational player. He does well starting but he’s not very consistent”

“I would describe him as a good squad player, he might not be consistent enough to be a starting regular but hes still a very important squad addition. He can start or can impact at as a sub, either way he does try and works hard. I think he might be more of a player to bring on off the bench, he seems more motivated and it gets the best out of him. But there has been times he’s done well having started”

“He’s doing a cracking job as a sub you can he wants the ball etc when he comes on .. hopefully he will get another start and continue to impress ..”

“I think he’s usually better coming on from off the bench, he seems more “got to give recognition to Thomas. What a fantastic free kick.”

“So the on loan winger from Sheffield’s starts may have been reduced but I’ve got to say he’s turned to Notts impact substitute..! Since the arrival of Harry, Notts have changed the first team players etc. But one player who hasn’t started many games but has become our impact player Nathan Thomas about the 60th minute up he comes on and for me makes an impact. Whether be winning the ball or setting up a set pieces or being the assist with a goal or chasing dead balls he just gets on with it and doesn what an impact substitute should do.”

”fired up and can go missing quite easily when he starts. I don’t know, it’s not down to a lack of effort but more that he doesn’t get enough of the ball to lift himself. When he comes on as a sub he usually does get the ball as the other players are tiring”

“He looks to be a squad player more than anything”

Tranmere Rovers Fans Views On Harvey Gilmour 

“On his 45 minutes last night he can stay – turned the game on it’s head from lacking belief to tearing into them! They didn’t know what the hell had happened!”

“Very much a game of two halves, with Gilmour proving to be the catalyst for success for Rovers!” “

Great cameo”

“Inject Harvey Gilmour into my veins”

“Get him extended till end of season”

“Gilmour MOTM. Looks a proper baller”

“Harvey Gilmour, what a performance”

“huge performance” “Sheff Utd can get fucked if they want him back”

“It’s the Harvey Gilmour show… again!”

“He’s on fire”


“What a month he has had”

Carlisle United Fans Views On Regan Slater 

“He doesn’t effect the game enough and is too neat and tidy, good player to use to keep things ticking over but no use when behind at home.”

“Tidy enough in front of the back four, but doesn’t seem like he’ll offer anything but that.”

“Struggles physically but wants the ball”

“A pointless pair of legs in central midfield, did nothing and certainly didn’t improve us.”

“Thought he was excellent on Tuesday”

“Regan Slater will be a class player”

“He’s playing so well”

“there is potentially a very good player in Slater.”

“special mention to Slater in the middle as well, who I thought had a magnificent game.”

“some tidy play”

“worked really hard, and had a bit of steel about him, quick feet, is good in a tight spot”

Oldham  Fans Views On Sam Graham

“Looked useless when he came on.”

“just don’t rate the guy so far, I feel Hamer is better. I’m all for loan players, but i’d rather see us develop our own players”

“I’ve not been impressed withgraham one bit since he’s come in, I’d bin him and bring in a player with a bit more experience.”

“Graham over Hamer is a completely baffling one. It’s almost like, if we don’t use Graham in a certain amount of games, then we have to pay Sheffield United more money…”

“He’s a centre back who’s hardly been played as a centre back.”

“If Sheridan knows better he’d of dragged Graham off after ten minutes and at worst halftime when he was quite clearly struggling to play in the position he’d been asked, yet again we are stuck with a shite defender making his mistakes at the teams expense”

“he’s a kid and had a bad one today”

“Indecisive, slow and clumsy… send him back. Hamer is a far better player.”

“should never play again, he’s had chance after chance and is frankly shite, makes some dreadful errors and the concentration level is piss poor.”

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