Forest Fans

“Looked so disinterested and half arsed…kid thought he made it in half a season in the Championship”

” Perhaps ran out of steam was to be expected the championship is a hard slog “

“The kid clearly has something I’m not disputing that but I guess his attitude isn’t all what it’s made out to be comes across that he’s sulking cause his name isn’t first on the team sheet any more if that’s the case he won’t go far”

” Not really good enough for a PL or upper CH club really. He has talent, but not the physicality or pace to be able to use it really. No use being able to pass the ball like a machine or do 54 kickups in a minute if you’re going to get muscled out by a danny shittu type centre back. “

” He goes against everything we’ve changed for the better, he didnt press from the front, weak mentally & physically & disappeared consistently in the latter stages of his time here. He’s not a Karanka player. “

“Poor mans Carvalho, without the proactivity & work rate. Think we’ve moved on a level from Dowell”

” Not convinced. Carvalho might look busy but Dowell, despite looking clunky, was good where it mattered most.I’d take him back”

“Did nothing after Warburton went – maybe he just can’t click under Karanka? It’s unfortunate but it happens sometimes ”

“We have struggled all season to get out when pinned in, the best ways to get out are a wide player carry the ball 50 yards or you win cheap freekicks that allow you to get out. Like him or loath him, he would be useful for the final 5 months of the season. “

” His languid play will suit a team who play around him, much like Wigan for example, who will carry a player like Nick Powell. Carry is perhaps the wrong term. But they will play around him and let him coast with the knowledge he can produce moments.”

“He looks like a quality player from 20 years ago, not sure you can get away with his current lack off aggression and phsyicality in the top leagues now”

” Enitrely disagree. Best player on the park in Engerland U21’s recent 5-1 win over Denmark. He was surrounded by dirge when he was here, most of whom were not on his wavelength. Admittedly his form dipped when things got toxic and he was seen as a luxury player but the lads class. “

“last season he was burnt out by the end of January as he played far too much football and for the full 90”

“he was the bees knees not long ago”

“I think Dowell’s first few months at Forest were much more impressive than Carvalho’s, plus he was a year younger. Got turned into a scapegoat in the 2nd half of the season a bit prematurely when he had his first wobble.”

“extremely talented and if he gets back to his best he would be brilliant”

“Good player is Dowell”

“If I had to pick one of the McKay, Tomlin and Dowell triumvirate to have back it would be Dowell as I think the raw talent is there with him”

Everton Fans

“Seen little-to-nothing to suggest he’s good enough for the Premier League and Silva hasn’t used him since he stunk the gaff out in the League Cup.
Championship looked to be his level last year.”

“He hasn’t taken his chances. In fact he froze last time against Southampton. He needs to be moved on.”

” It is annoying, he will probs do well, get loads of goals and assists but too young to do it here yet. Will leave and then either disappear into the league or come back to haunt us. “

“Good move, decent team challenging for promotion who play attacking football. “

“Good move. If he impresses there, he might have the confidence to trouble our first team next year. Alternatively, if he does well and they get promoted, they can loan him for next year too and he gets a year of PL experience.
If neither happens and he’s garbage, probably get rid. “

“Along with Holgate and Calvart-Lewin, not good enough for this level”

“Last year at Forest he was shunted onto the left and the goals dried up and performances dipped. “

“To be fair to the lad, he slotted 10 in 43 for Nottingham Forest.
That’s not too far away from James Maddison’s record for Norwich. “

“i’m a huge fan but I have no qualms if he is moved on. Ultimately, these lads have to force their way into the managers thoughts. Lookman has, Dowell hasn’t. It’s the way things work. “

“I like the lad, I think he’s got plenty of talent it’s just a matter of fitting him in at the right time”

“such a bizarre case dowell, the first 6 months at forest last season he was arguably the championships best player, scoring loads of goals, fans loved him then karanka goes in charge and changes the football to ultra defensive leaving no room for dowell ( luxury player in he ) could have kicked on so much if that blurt karanka never took over he probably would have finished the season on 20 goals last season and got a premiership loan move”

“Odd one because I think he’s got the talent but he just doesn’t seem to want to get involved in games when he does feature. “

“He seems lost mentally. Sometimes when players get discouraged they never recover. Let’s hope that is not the case”

By Roy

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