Cardiff Fans

“Would be a great move for him, us and Sheffield Utd if this came off. It hasn’t quite happened for him here as yet but I think a spell on loan would work wonders for him and if he does come back to us could prove the answer for the rest of his career. I hope so as I do like him. ”

“agree and a loan move would be spot on IMHO, as it gives the lad an opportunity to get back in the groove and any decision on his expensive future can be left to the summer when we will know in which league we will be playing in next season. Don’t recall anyone form inside the club questioning his commitment or attitude either? “

” Gary Madine would be a good signing for Sheffield United. He’s only been crap at Cardiff because Cardiff were a crap club for him. It was a terrible fit and he was doomed to fail

“would rather zohore been shipped out over madine ppl slate madine but he still outscored zohore last season”

“Outscored our top striker at club says a lot really if madine is that bad then whats zohore then apart from being overrated whats he scored 9 in about 45-50 games”

” Zohore can actually score more goals in open play than Madine. If you take away Madine’s 10 yrd penalty’s he only scored about 6 goals. I don’t disagree that Zohore has been poor over the last year but at least he’s shown potential to be a very good striker when he was ripping up championship defenders for fun. Madine has shown no potential what so ever.”

“Good luck to him, it’s not his fault we paid so much for him. “

“Im sure Sheffield United are just signing him because he won a flick on to assist Pilkington’s goal against them last season. Glad he’s going and hopefully we can recruit 1-2m”

“Can have him for free. I’ll even deliver him myself”

“Don’t tell me we’ve managed to shift Gary Madine goal machine off the payroll”

“Gary Madine………goal machine……… not, lower champ or div 1 at best”

“Been an absolute disaster never looked like scoring”

” I think Gary Madine is a striker for a lower to mid Championship side. He made nil impact for us chasing promotion last season and I would be surprised if is a much different story at Sheff U but certainly wish him well.”

“Gary Madine has scored more goals against Cardiff than for us last year”

“How the fu…. did we pay all that money for him. Got to be a confidence thing????”

“Gary Madine is the biggest waste of shit to wear a cardiff shirt send that prick back to bolton on a free”

“Bolton absolutely fleeced us for Gary Madine, right up there with the worst City signings in my lifetime”

“it seems like he was bought after a good game away to Bolton. £6M is 5.5 too much.”

“Turning down £15m for Zohore a year ago… Signing Madine for £6m in January… Not signing a striker this summer… Calamitous…”

“£2m initial fee was about right really”

“Found wanting at this level”

“Gary Madine is unfortunately not of the requisite standard to play Premier League football – not fair to ask him”

“On the evidence of what I saw last season it is questionable he is Championship standard.”

“Don’t stick him on pens”

“He’s terrible”

“He’s awful. Nothing about the guy at all”

“He’s a prick”

Bolton Fans

“As if Madine is going Sheffield United 2 years after calling Billy Sharp a fat bastard”

“Seriously? Of all the places I thought Gaz would pitch up on loan this month, Sheff Utd were pretty low on the list.”

“Big fat Billy might want a quiet word”

“going to be awkward.”

“He was different class for us in L1 promotion year & in a terrible team in the first half of last season. Is he match fit? Hardly played a game second half of last season for Cardiff and same so far this season. Good signing for Sheff Utd”

“I’m becoming a Sheffield fan fuck this”

“Sheff Utd are in/famous for bringing through jewels and selling them off (Jones, and too many others to mention) before then reclaiming discarded former rising stars who never quite made it and were cast into the waste bin, to replace the gold they’ve sold.
Time after time after time they do it. “

“He was our most important player”

“I’d take him back any day if the opportunity came for him to return to us. Maybe if we wasn’t in such a mess financially we may have been able to compete.”

“I miss Gary Madine”

“I miss watching Madine swear at any person who even looks at him”

“If we could have get Madine for the rest of the season we’re safe. A small investment compared to the cost of going down to L1.”

“Without the washing machine we would be League One without a doubt”

“Just saying we’ve been spiralling since we sold Madine”

“THANK YOU GARY MADINE. The run of form, the goals, the money we managed to get which kept us alive”

“Yes and thanks to Cardiff city being mad enough”

“Never his biggest fan but he’s knuckled down and got himself sorted.”

“Thank God we didn’t get him back”

“He’s shite”

By Roy

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