Ireland Fans Views On The Denmark Game

“Superb from David McGoldrick. Everything you expect from an Irish striker, ran his bollocks off and didn’t score a goal. “

“And caught offside 27 times”

“Great work by McGoldrick tonight.”

“McGoldrick put in a great shift”

“McGoldrick so impressive.”

“McGoldrick is a smart and canny footballer. He mightn’t out run a defender but I can guarantee he will hold the ball up. Which last night is exactly what we needed. I like McGoldrick leading the line, smart footballer, brings players in, holds the ball up.Does the simple things well.”

“Weird how Dave McGoldrick is the best center forward of all time?”

“David McGoldrick was brilliant again for Ireland tonight. Does the basics so well. Relieves pressure, keeps it simple. But also vital for winning the ball back.”

“RTE gave McGoldrick a 5/10 for last night, incredibly harsh. Thought his link and hold up play was superb again”

“He was decent”

“McGoldrick big shift but was too deep at times” “we need better strikers and lose McLean and Mcgoldrick”

“Don’t agree with mcgoldrick think he holds the ball up well with very limited support and could have a decent partnership with long for this campaign if we go with 2 up front”

“Maybe Mcgoldrick will work but on his own it’s a waste of time he can’t score. We see where to improve”

“Please never let McGoldrick near an Ireland team ever again, useless is not the word. He was walking around for most of the game ”

“David McGoldrick is so shite I love watching him and we need to keep playing him.” “McGoldrick poor up top not holding it up”

“Didn’t think he offered much”

“McGoldrick is as useful as tits on a bull”

Ireland Fans Views On The Gibraltar Game

“One of the few to impress” “our only forward with a bit composure and intelligence on the ball.”

“honestly love McGoldrick. He is sexual chocolate.”

“felt like most good we produced came through him.”

“What we’ve learned: McGoldrick is central to almost everything we do well.”

“We could do with cloning McGoldrick so he can feed the ball into himself”

“McGoldrick was the best of a bad lot”

“McGoldrick is the only real positive for me over the 2 games”

“he has some strengths that I think we are lacking elsewhere, e.g. his ability to come deep and hold the ball. Think he would need a good strike partner. Him and long with McG more in the N.10 role is probably how I would go against the swiss.”

“He has a weird run, but he’s not actually slow. Has a touch of class to him, skillful footballer.”

“I swear, Mcgoldrick must have a bet on himself NOT to score.”

“McGoldrick? More like McMissdrick AMIRITE?!”

“Has a nice touch but needs to be more ruthless.”

“Ronnie Whelan giving McGoldrick motm is ridiculous, anyone with eyes could see Robinson was the best player we had today”

“Hendrick, Hogan, McClean, Duffy, and McGoldrick should maybe avoid the player ratings tonight and tomorrow…”

“don’t rate him at all. Moves around like he is in his 60’s and against proper International sides won’t do anything.”

“worked hard but long is a better player when fit”

“If Long and McGoldrick are being put forward as our ‘best’ potential front partnership…….I honestly don’t see either playing much football at their respective clubs next season other than bit part players……..”

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