Ireland Fans On McGoldrick

“McGoldrick brilliant tonight. Irish players usually only get standing ovations like that when they are retiring.”

“Can’t remember the last time a player got an ovation like that leaving the field at Lansdowne. Brilliant stuff from McGoldrick”

“Impressive performance by mcgoldrick tonight. Can’t remember the last time we said that about an Ireland player”

“Billy Joel didn’t getting the standing ovation at the Aviva that Big Dave McGoldrick got.”

“Superb performance from David McGoldrick! Looks a class above everyone else.”

“Man of the match has to be McGoldrick, really looking forward to seeing more him!”

“mcgoldrick > long”

“David McGoldrick is the best striker in the world”

“David McGoldrick best player on the pitch tonight, unreal performance up front on his own.”

“McGoldrick a cult hero in the making”

“McGoldrick was excellent”

“McGoldrick’s was outstanding”

“Mcgoldrick is a great player.”

“Much improved”

“McGoldrick deserved a goal. Worked his socks off”

“Some performance from mcgoldrick”

“McGoldrick plays for Sheffield United and uses his body better than Lukaku”

“A whiff of Firmino from McGoldrick’s performance; where he picked the ball up, how he used it, how hard he worked. Knitted the whole thing together”

“If Ireland can get Bamford in, him and McGoldrick will be class together”

“McGoldrick was sensational.. It’s like what would happen if Ronaldo and Caleb Folan had a baby”

“why is McGoldrick getting his arse licked? Absolute wank”

“HITNOF can McGoldrick be MOTM ??? He was dismal.”

“How McGoldrick was man of the match there is beyond me. Useless”

“David McGoldrick leaves the field to a standing ovation, crowd must have missed him basically showing all the striking capabilities of a donkey tonight”

“Can’t fault him for effort but McGoldrick is a shit Jon Walters.”

“Who the fuck is McGoldrick? He is utterly mince. Constantly caught offside and shoots from anywhere, usually hitting the corner flag.”

“How does McGoldrick hold down a place in Sheffield Utd team?”

“How many chances does McGoldrick need”

“McGoldrick’s shite”

“Mcgoldrick is a donkey”

“McGoldrick wouldn’t score in a massive barrel of wet fannies”

“McGoldrick is non league quality”

Ireland Fans Views On Enda Stevens

“Stevens and McGoldrick were very very good.”

“Stevens and McGoldrick were the stand outs”

“Enda Stevens is some upgrade from Stephen ward, very tidy player”

“Stevens brilliant”

“Was great, really grabbed his chance”

“Enda Stevens brilliant at left back”

“Class performance!”

“Thought Enda Stevens was the excellent.”


“Had a great game tonight”

“Enda Stevens and Coleman very good again would be nice to see Doherty fit into the system some way though.”

“Some of Stevens cross field balls are questionable.”

“Not sure about Enda Stevens”

“he doesn’t make a lot of runs down the wing or get involved too much.”

“I can’t understand why they don’t play Doherty at left back. Had played there many times for Wolves and is a much better player than Enda Stevens.”

“Most unconvincing McClean/Stevens partnership since Don McClean and Shaking Stevens did that American Pie/Green Door mash up.”

“It’ll be 20 past 10 and Enda Stevens will still be running by McClean expecting a pass and not getting one”

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2 thoughts on “Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On McGoldrick and Stevens against Georgia”
  1. Must have a full set of pigs on here regarding Mcgoldrick……….gets a standing ovation, maybe everyone in the crowd were wrong. Well done David
    Pigs online I tell ya!!!!!

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