Ricky Holmes, Rhys Norrington-Davies and Caolan Lavery have all been out injured for the majority of the month whilst Samir Carruthers has only made a few substitute appearances.

Wigan Fans Views On Leon Clarke

“Despite what the Sheffield United fans may have told us Leon Clarke is still one of the worst players to have played for Wigan in recent times. Donkey doesn’t even come close.”

“How does Clarke get a start?”

“He’s fucking thick Clarke”

“He was terrible”

“Sure we bought Clarke and not bogle ffs. Learn the offside rule”

“When will Clarke get onside?”

“Has Leon Clarke been onside once yet?”
“clarke is shocking wow”

“Clarke as much use as a ripped Johnny”

“Jurassic Clarke was absolute garbage today”

“Anyone who turned up for free yesterday to watch Leon Clarke got ripped off”

“Poor game or not, the amount of abuse Clarke took from our fans today was fucking embarrassing. Had to be dragged away from smacking a Latics fan who was abusing him today. Scored more goals from open play than Grigg this season.”

“5-2 even Leon Clarke scored ”

“One of the signs of the apocalypse: Leon Clarke scores”

Fleetwood Town Fans Views On Ched Evans

“Another quiet afternoon for Evans but not through fault of trying”

“Held the ball up well but had limited service and supply. Could have done better with header from Rydel cross and for once a bit too static in the box defensively. Goals came from the zones he was marking – could he have stopped them?”

“Fleetwood’s best player on the night. A real captain’s performance. Could have done better with some of his chances but lead from the front well”

“Back in a front two and the switch suited him. Lead the line well, asked questions of Plymouth’s defence and put a real shift in.”

“Led the line superbly tonight, I thought he was the talisman for the team and obviously, he got his goal.”

“About time hes been shite last 3 games”

“does this mean he’s signing for us seems a bit odd to have a loanee as captain otherwise”

Guiseley Fans Views On Marcus Dewhurst

“Made an excellent stop from a powerful header.”

“I felt really sorry for Marcus Dewhurst – he has been brilliant for us since his arrival .”

“can we stop lavishing praise on Dewhurst? He is so obviously better than this level that if we keep drawing attention to it some bugger with more money than us will sign him. We know he’s a great keeper now let’s keep that to ourselves!”

“Dewhurst the exception on last nights performance, two top saves and another decent one.”

“Made some great saves”

“Dewhurst gifted them the goal.”

“Can blame Marcus Dewhurst for their goal but his overall game is way ahead of our other two keepers and how many times has he saved us from a tonking?”

Guiseley Fans Views On George Cantrill

“Did well”

“Cantrill broke things up well”

“had a particularly good game last night.”

“He was great last night”

Doncaster Fans Views Tyler Smith

“caused problems immediately when he come on”

“He lacks game time”

“Only in the last 5 minutes did we realise that he needs the ball playing to feet”

“After those 2 goals, not much to write home about”

“Added pace when Rovers desperately needed to relieve pressure but lost concentration close to the end when he allowed the ball to run out when he could have played to the free Marquis. ”

Carlisle United Fans Views On Nathan Thomas

“quality player but either not yet fit or not quite at it at the moment.”

“Doubt he.ll even get a start try asking the Sheff Utd fans why hes playing for his career at Carlisle.”

“Thomas looks dangerous”

“Thomas certainly has something about him.”

“at times, superb”

“My kind of player. I grew up on Coppell, John Robertson and the peerless Davie Cooper at Celtic.
He is a real handful. Pacy, great drop of the shoulder an quick feet. Can imagine him playing much higher up than Div 4 if he could somehow bottle the magic moments and produce them more often.
He controlled the ball a couple of times today when I thought that no other player on the pitch could have managed.
You can imagine being a fullback and being concerned about the afternoon ahead.
He should really have scored a hat-trick. A centre forward may have done but that’s what you get from wingers.”

“Looked sharp and was unlucky not to score more.

Carlisle United Fans Views On Regan Slater

“I think in recent games has improved as he’s getting more game time but again looks better further forward.”

“too light weight”

“once again a weak link”

“another largely anonymous day”

“Slater was decent, midfield not as strong at the minute.”

“Slater seems to be more comfortable now with the ugly side of things and like on Saturday started really well.”

“Works hard to get back, as well as find space up front.”

“learning all the time”

Blackpool Fans Views On Ben Heneghan

“Aerially dominant and produced some impressive last-ditch blocks” “Impressed again”

“Stepped up in Curtis Tilts absence and produced some vital blocks and clearances to deal with a dangerous Doncaster side.”

“Utterly dominant in the air and produced some heroic blocks late on”

“Ran ragged by Bristol Rovers strikers and showed up for his lack of pace. Also committed some needless fouls”

“Pulled out of position to cover for others, which opened up gaps elsewhere. Came close to pulling one back at the death.”

Peterborough United Fans Views On Daniel Lafferty

“did OK and had a lot of space to work in”

“Lafferty was reliable”

“Lafferty was turned inside out as was Naismith.”

“Lafferty is not a centre half and we paid the penalty for playing him there”

“Truly awful today”

“Lafferty must the worst loan signing since Simon Gillett & Kenny McAvoy.”

“showed why he is a league one player tonight at most, no right foot and very little tricks in the locker.”

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