Wigan Fans Views On Leon Clarke

“He was class today”

“He looked fine and was a handful.”

“Clarke looked like a good old fashioned centre forward.”

“Does Leon Clarke know the offside rule or is he just a lazy shite?”

“Genuinely, every single ball that came to him he got flagged”

“He was very quiet today”

“As for Clarke……he created nothing and centre halfs had him in their pockets all night.”

“My only gripe was Clarke, for me he’s just not good enough. I thought that first time round and nothings changed my mind now.”

“no better than 1st time round.Leading the line,never won a header,lay off or flick on. Is he really the best we could muster up ???”

Fleetwood Fans Views On Ched Evans

“Well done Ched, just what we needed, wish we could keep you here as our player”

“Good to see Ched bag a few”

“Back in the side and back with a bang. Deserved a hat-trick but positioning was top notch.”

“Evans is insane at holding it up. “

“Sign ched permanently”

“hardly given a sniff by Luton’s mean defence.”

Guiseley Fans Views On Marcus Dewhurst

“We gained a point last night – but only thanks to some fine saves by Marcus Dewhurst.”

“without Dewhurst the defeat could have been much larger.”

“Dewhurst was fine, the others poor”

“Marcus Dewhurst saved us from total embarrassment by making some truly magnificent saves. He is a star in the making!”

Guiseley Fans Views On George Cantrill

“Played well”

“Cantrill broke things up well”

“had a particularly good games last night.”

“looks quite useful and seems willing to put in a shift”

“Cantrill was excellent after a little bit of a shaky start when he gave the ball away a couple of times. I hope he can continue that form for the rest of the season.”

“He was excellent”

“Thought George Cantrill was inspired today, even before he scored the goal, he was MOTM”

“Cantrill looks as if he has plenty to offer.”

“A great addition”

Doncaster Rovers Fans Views On Tyler Smith

“Made the EFL team of the week.”

“Two well taken goals”

“The biggest positive for me today is that Smith looks to be the predator striker I was hoping we could get to partner JM.
He certainly impressed me with the way he put those two chances away, plus he wasn’t afraid to do the hard work.”

“Great to see what Tyler Smith has been like in his 2 interviews since he arrived, a young lad just absolutely loving playing football. Such a difference to some of the loan players we’ve had from leagues above in the past”

“Even more impressive than his debut performance was how quickly Smith had whipped his shirt off and was almost in the crowd in celebration. Instant fans favourite”

“Cracking debut from Tyler Smith though today, can’t wait to see more of him”

“Excited at the prospect of watching him over the next few months”

“He looks a top prospect, calm in front of goal, quick, bright, and always on the shoulder of the defender. A young Billy Sharp”

“Sheffield United potentially have a real star on their hands”

Barrow Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Norrington-Davies was excellent.”

“Norrington deserved MOTM he was our main threat down the left particularly second half”

“Norrington-davies was immense”

“the whole team (bar Norrington who’d run for 180 minutes) just didn’t seem to have the same energy as usual”

“about been our best player week in week out”

“All of the loanees have improved. Many have added to their value and we are increasingly seen as a safe haven for youngsters in development which in turn leads to better quality players being recruited. Norrington-Davis is a shining example of this”

“Badly missed Norrington-Davies, he’d been a big attacking outlet for us”

“Wrap him up in cotton wool”

Carlisle United Fans Views On Nathan Thomas

“Skillful and tricky. A top third player who needs to be fed the ball time and time again, until he runs out of steam.”

“Has obvious ability”

“I feel that particularly with Thomas, as he gets fitter, he could, potentially be a match winner.”

“plenty of flashes of skill, looked very dangerous first half.”

“looks quality but hasn’t played enough or isn’t fit enough”

“hit n miss. Some good stuff, some awful stuff also seems to get annoyed when stuff he tried didn’t work or get picked up by other players, can see why it therefore didn’t work at Notts county.”

“Am not seeing it with Thomas i’m afraid, he was isolated for spells first half and wasn’t happy when pulled. O’Hare also is disappointing even tho he gets stuck in”

“I thought Thomas was poor, he constantly ran into the defender and kept laying the ball back to Liddle, more so in the first half, instead of going past his man or swinging in a cross.”

Carlisle United Fans Views On Regan Slater

“not much impact” “not his day and lasted just the hour” “another developing really well and gaining in confidence”

“lots of energy, keeps the ball well and never does much wrong”

“he’s a busy little player” “He hasn’t exactly set the world alight”

“Worked hard and shows really good flashes going forward.”

“Worked hard, technically very skilled, but a bit lightweight”

“seems to be a weak link atm too much being asked of him”

“an exciting prospect who will make a big impact. Not a bad player but not much of an impact compared to many others”

Peterborough Fans Views On Daniel Lafferty

“Thought he was very good”

“looked a useful addition to the side”

“Like the look of Lafferty” “Looks a great signing”

“Lafferty is a solid LB” “Very good”

“Lafferty offered a lot more going forward down left.”

“He’s strengthened the team”

“Class addition” “Really like the look of Lafferty too. You trust he’s not going to make a mistake but also calm when going forward! Could be a player!”

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