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“Boos for McBurnie as his name was read out. Good, the rat.”

“hate Oli McBurnie, and scoring for Scotland won’t ever change that.”

“The only thing in the world as ridiculous as Oli McBurnie’s beard is Oli McBurnie playing up front for Scotland.”

“Dear Oli McBurnie, Please stop strutting about like you own the joint – you’ve not earned it. Ps. Pull your socks up. Love, The whole of Scotland”

“Oliver McBurnie is the type of guy who shows up to play 5’s in a pair of 400 quid boots, wearing aftershave and refuses to take his turn in goals.”

“Think there’s nobody in the world I hate more than McBurnie. Hope some big Russian breaks every bone in his body”

“£20m doesn’t get you much in football these days”

“A poor mans Steven Fletcher”

“Mcburnie getting the full 90 mins tonight is ridiculous, if he is the striker that we rely on over the next few years then we are well and truly screwed”

“Awful footballer”

“Andy Robertson in possesion looking for Salah coming short or Mane over the top. Gets Oli McBurnie”

“Oli mcburnie is one of the worst players iv ever seen”

“Mcburnie is honestly the worst player in that Scotland squad. Has zero outstanding qualities. Total pile of shite !! Leigh Griff 50% fit is twice the player !!”

“The guy can barely control the ball. His passing is shambolic & his ability of the ball is just as bad.”

“Mcburnie is the worst starting striker Scotland have had in my lifetime. His price tag doesn’t change that.”

“Oli McBurnie being an international striker pretty much gives me hope that I can still be whatever I want to be in life. Just can’t decide between rock star, great novelist or pro golfer. I reckon I’d be about as much use in any of those roles as he is playing for Scotland.”

“Mcburnie, Scottish championship player at best man” “McBurnie looks like a fan who won a competition to play for Scotland. Absolute mince.”

“McBurnie is absolutely horrific. Never want to see him play for the team again.”

“McBurnie being worth £20 million tells you a sad story about where modern football is as a sport…mercy wept”

“20 million for your man McBurnie Sheffield United got mugged off”

“Sheffield Utd fans need to ask questions of just why their club would spend that much on someone so poor. Brown bags and motorway service stations is all I can think of.”

“Sheffield Umited actually paid 20 million for mcburnie hahahahahahahahahah”

“£20m for McBurnie?? I’d be asking for £19.5m of that back!”

“Who ever sanctioned 20million for mcburnie needs to have a look at themselves waste of space”

“Going by the English football market, Sam Cosgrove must be worth £40million. He is twice the player of Ollie Mcburnie. Whoever sanctioned £20million for him needs locked up and never let out in civilisation again. He will probably score the winner now.”

“Fair play to Swansea getting 20 million for McBurnie”

“don’t see how McBurnie is to blame for our failure to defend properly”

“McBurnie is an easy target for fans, but he’s had nothing to work with tonight. We’ve done nothing since we scored, horrendous tactics, asking for Russia to come at us”

“Big Mcburnie will get slaughtered by certain people because it suits their agenda but the lad has had zero to work with.”

“McBurnie battled away well on scraps and won a few in the air but no real support.”

“McBurnie half decent.”

“The only people defending McBurnie are tinpot English championship fans and Rangers fans.”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “Scotland Fans Views On Oli McBurnie”
    1. You should be thankful he plays for you Scottish wankers at all?
      With or without the beard he is punching way above your weight!
      Poor mans Stephen Fletcher my huge hairy English arse!
      Fucking piggy Scottish CUNTS!

  1. If you haggis eating, skirt wearing mugs learnt a bit more about football and played a proper formation instead of leaving a lone striker with no support and attempted to attack instead of sitting back for 95% of the game, maybe you’d have seen Mcburnie able to play better, not his fault he wasn’t receiving any balls to run onto or being able to hold it up for attacking midfielders to run onto. Instead you hoof the ball up to him so he can head it on to nobody!!
    Shambles of a team not just one individual player…. UTB…

  2. Shows just what Scotch supporters and their national team manager know about football or Hoofball as it is known up in Scotchland outdated formation outdated tactics left alone with no support watching him come to the halfway line arms open asking for the ball only to be ignored time and time again was so annoying let’s face it he was left on for 90 mins with no support at all no wonder he looked so dejected coming off and I’m guessing all the sad angry abuse aimed at him were from Celtic fans
    Let’s face it you need a manager who knows how to play Football and how to give the players tactics they can play too

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