“looks half decent when he’s played” “some nice touches, but he doesn’t look fully fit, so more to come, I hope”

“Think he is still sulking about not being part of a Prem squad doesn’t look like he wants to be here and was signed because our key signing Powell clearly isn’t going to play many games”

“half decent stop gap, loaning was the right idea, good to have in the squad. Equally, there are better LAMs about.”

“He’s wank”

“Was really disappointed with Duffy after everything we had been told. Hope it’s just cos it’s early days.”

“Duffy didn’t come to sit on our bench instead of Sheff Utd. Of course some healthy completion is good but this doesn’t make any sense.”

“Yet another player we didn’t need”

“Duffy is currently the best midfielder we have. I pinned my hopes for him to turn our fortunes but NJ isn’t playing him!
He should definitely start.”

“The inexperience of SamGraham , and I’m sorry to point this out really made it easier for Barnet.”

“This lad looks good, yet his inexperience shows when the games become difficult”

“Good battling performance, dealt with Wrexham well.”

“Good player but he needs to clear the ball better at times.”

“Provides a bit of pace in central defence”

“Did very well sweeping up behind Turner and did the basics right”

“Distribution is ok”

“Messed up for Yeovil’s first.”

“The hope is that the young lads, Hardcastle, Greaves and Dyson, will get even better because they all have lots of ability.”

“the game bypassed Greaves a bit”

“gives us some legs in the middle”

“liked the look of Greaves”

“Greaves looked good when he came on”

“will be a big player for us this season – arguably our best signing”

“he looks like another gem from the Sheff Utd youth set up.”

“Norrington Davies is a real find at Left Back”

“He’s been our most impressive player”

“Norrington-Davies looks one of the signings of the season so far to me.”

“I told my Dad he was the best player in the world after Tranmere on the opening day. Seen nothing to convince me otherwise yet.”

“What a player we’ve got on our hands in Rhys this season. Made that LB position his own.”

“Very impressed”

“Looks a class act”

“Stole the show”

“Parkie is on fire”

“Parkhouse didn’t get much ball at all and subsequently went off the boil. He had the beating of that c back too”

“He was run into the ground trying to close them down an impossible situation”

“Anyone else find it strange that Parkie is our long throw specialist? Our Maine target man taking long throws to who?”

“His 2nd goal was one of the best strikes of the season”

“The bloke is class”

“Ran  himself into the ground but should have come off with at least one goal and probably two or three. For me he is another who is too lightweight and not the answer to our problem.”

“Terrible service to him but lacks the physicality to do the sort of holding up game he need to do for the way we play”

“Tyler-Smith very weak up front making us effectively a striker short.”

“I thought Smith did okay by the way and looks a half decent player. Saying he ‘lacks physicality’ seems a bit odd to me, we have players who certainly don’t lack that, but didn’t do any better than him. The poor bloke looked bemused as some of our Neanderthals hurled abuse at him after the game.”

“Worked hard but a  little light weight. Was he unlucky to have his “goal” disallowed in the second half? Not sure if it was penalised for offside or a  foul as from where I was stood there seemed little wrong. He does at time get out muscled and is a bit Nicholesque but he does have something about him and always seems to get in the right position and whenever a goal is scored or a save made he is not far away”

“The thing I like about young Smith is exactly what I dislike about Tom Nichols- he wants to get in the six yard box and try to score goals. His run across the keeper made the first goal and he probably should have scored from close in  during the second half but he also won and converted the penalty and generally made a nuisance of himself.”

“Couple of good runs but quiet overall”

“saw a lot of the ball in the first half in front of us but cut inside and was closed down every time but once when he went outside and got to the by line but put in a poor cross.”

“lovely cross for the first goal and was much more effective in the second half when we gave him more of the ball”

“always threatening, good ball for the first and great play for another two misses”

“mom today, his one trick worked well today.”

“Thomas was excellent, set one up and put two others on a plate for Hope/Sorensen”


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