“If ever one players inclusion in a Scotland team confirms how low we have sunk it is John Fleck. I honestly couldn’t tell you who at least 6 of tonight’s team for at club level.”

“Playing regularly in the premier league lol probably better than half our squad”

“Playing regularly in the Premier League isn’t exactly a barometer of quality these days, some absolute dross cutting about”

“Why do Scotland managers pick dross like John fleck”

“Liam Palmer, John Fleck and Snodgrass are garbage”

“Didn’t even know John Fleck was playing”

“John Fleck for Ryan Christie is just murderous in my opinion. Why bother.”

“John Fleck is useless. If you ask for him because he played in the Championship, then you are deluded. There are better prospects in Scotland (i.e. Christie)”

“How John fleck starts before Ryan Christie is beyond me” “How has John Fleck started ahead of Stuart Armstrong started tonight?” “Rather midfielders from Scottish Premiership than see Fleck again in an Scotland kit.”

“hes pish”

Clarke out……Clarke out…..Clarke out there is no hope for us no matter who’s in charge it’s simply a lack of talent ,Wonder kid John Fleck debut at 16 for Rangers this wonder kid gets first cap 12 years later …..nuff said methinks”

“John Fleck, who was the next big thing at Rangers more than a decade ago, yet apparently only made his international debut tonight. Didn’t even realise he was playing.”

“To be fair, Fleck’s done ok tonight. Definitely played very well for an hour or so”

“Gave the jersey everything he had to show he can compete at this level”

“Wee Fleck not singing the dire flower of Scotland, good start to his debut”

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By Roy

4 thoughts on “Scotland Fans Views On John Fleck”
  1. You have not hot a clue about football if you have the opiniun that John Fleck is average, you must be watching Sunday league football give your heads a wobble

  2. i watch john fleck week in week out he got to be 1st name on Chris wilder team list. he got us 2 promotions. i hate him playing for Scotland so many negative fans. come home john back to Sheffield he be man off the match v arsenal next Monday.

  3. John Fleck in my opinion a great footballer
    Why , in my opinion he’s playing for a great manager
    A premiership club with no big time Charlie’s (not saying the Scottish squad full of them ) but I witness every other week at Bramall lane a quality footballer doing what he gets paid for and that is competing in the best football league in the world and holding his own.
    So give this lad a break , perhaps the SFA need to look or even all Scottish clubs need to look at themselves a see how they are going wrong with young Scottish talent .
    And before anyone has a dig at my comments I am a Scott and proud and will always support the boys in blue

  4. The trouble with Scottish supporters is that they compare their beloved Celtic and Rangers with Scotland international players and think they have better players North of the border. Get real, neither team would survive in England’s Championship and any decent players end up playing south of the border.

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