“Who knew we’d be at the end of November and the United from Sheffield would be higher than the one from Manchester?”

“Will be a tough game. Have had some fantastic results so far this season.Should have at least got a draw against Liverpool, beat Arsenal, drew with Chelsea, should have beaten Spurs. “

“Sheffield United have gone 60 games without losing by more than one goal. They’ve been great this season. Full value for their league position. Only lost to ‘Pool by a keeper howler. Came back from 2 down to draw at the Bridge. Dominated Spurs to the point of embarrassment. Swatted aside Everton away. Can’t praise Wilder enough so far. Ole will need some special wheeling to get through this one. Should be a good game…”

“Sheffield are going to be extremely compact. They have allowed a grand total of 4 goals at home this season. They don’t score a lot of goals, but their defense is harder to score on than both Liverpool and Manchester City right now. This is a team that will play extremely compact, 10 men behind the ball and spring the counter attack. Sheffield so far is the fairytale story of the season.”

“Expecting a VERY tough game but with our form and especially Fred’s form i think we can break down their defence and get a result. Sheffield is this years 18/19 Wolverhampton”

“They have a solid defence. This will be Ole’s first real test”

“Ole beats Sheffield United, a team with a defined style, belief & will out work and fight us 200%? No way”

“A solid defensive block with a midfield that will scrap for every single ball and not allow us to settle and dictate the game.From the games I’ve seen them play, their work rate is second to none.”

“Any team that is solid and sits back will cause us trouble. It needs the coaches to come up with a Plan B.”

“A tricky tie on paper and Man United have already lost to worse teams than Sheffield United this season. “

“Sheffield United haven’t lost a league game by more then one goal in like 14 months or something. We’ll do very well to get a win here.”

“We’d have to massively ride our luck to come away with 3 points.”

“Sheffield United are the real test to see how far we’ve improved.”

“Sheff Utd are so good tactically. Wilder should be in the convo next time any English club mgmt job is mentioned. I’m convinced no job is too big for him”

“At times it’s like they have 12 or 13 players on the pitch!”

“Sheff U have been great this season and I really like the way they play, but at home they’ll give it a go and leave spaces more than they would away from home.”

“Now, why would they ever do such obviously stupid and suicidal thing? Because they play at home they are obligated to be suicidal? Does Chris Wilder have no clue and can’t even figure out what is obvious to all of us – that United is clinical in quick counter-attacks and struggles against a packed defense? Why would they ever open up the game when we have Martial, Rashford, James and crappy midfield? Obviously, they have much better chances sitting back and destroying us in midfield. So – why would they not use such obvious advantage? There is no honor in attacking stupidly and losing foolishly. They will surely expose our weaknesses and won’t act suicidal.”

“I think the pessimism here is a little bit exaggerated. Sure, we have lost way stupider games, but FFS it’s Sheffield United… Like – seriously.This game is entirely ours to win or lose and we can do both ourselves, easily. Sheffield doesn’t matter that much. “

“Why are so many people pessimistic about our chances? It’s Sheffield, not Barcelona. And without Dean Henderson too. “

“Sheffield U are actually a lot harder to beat when they are playing away.”

“I’m optimistic that the way Sheffield United play will actually make them the ideal opponents for us with Rashford and James’ pace on the break, but we will see”

“don’t think Dean Henderson will ever be good enough to be United’s no.1 but he is a very impressive keeper and he as much as the defenders will have been responsible for their defensive record, but with a PL debutant(Verrips or Moore)coming in….The newbie might play a blinder, but it’s more likely that with a fast start we can play on his nerves and the uncertainty DH not being there will cause, get an early goal, play to our strengths(counter-attacking at pace) and it could be a walk in the park.”

“It’s also important to note that Sheffield United are not a huge offensive threat like you expect Chelsea or Liverpool to be. It is not a high scoring side. Their strength entirely lies in their ability to close ranks in the back and catch teams too high up. Sheffield Uniteds problem on the other hand is that they will be playing a side that is just as hard to score on as they are. Key difference is that our strikers are vastly better, and are finally hitting form. We’re the favorites in this match, but we should not make the assumption that this will be easy, because it will certainly be a tight game, unless the floodgates somehow open. “

“For the first time n a long time, i see some positive change coming from results and players. It is not gane by game consistent but from the last 6 we have won 5 and played very well in 4, awful in the first against Partizan away and was complacent in the away gane against Bournemouth. Today was a huge test of complacency and we got the early goals, got complacent but for the first time in a very very very long time we showed urgency to score and that resulted in a quick fire goal. For the first tkme on a while, i think i am thinking clearly, we will beat Sheffield united away. ”

“I am starting to see signs that we are capable of scoring a few goals in a game and with Sheffield United’s strong defence, we would do well to score more than 2. “

“Sheffield aren’t scoring that much and their defensive record at home isn’t great”

“I’ve just seen a Manchester United ‘fan’ with a picture of the Sheffield United badge as his profile picture. State of this fan base…imagine wanting us to lose!”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Man Utd”
  1. Man Utd don’t underestimate the blades , if you remember when you had a manager called ALEX FERGUSON, who had a better side then , to the one you av now , it was our first game back in the newly league called the PREMIER LEAGUE , when Brian Deane scored the first goal , we beat you 2-1 & beat you 2-1 in the fa cup game both at bramall Lane , we av a better manager now than then & we have a better team than then , so if your just thinking ov turning up & taking the 3 points, THINK AGAIN

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