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“A crazy match. We deserved nothing from it, but were unlucky not to win it”

“Crazy game, crazy result. Feel a little deflated to be so close but to let it go at the end. However, it was a game where we were battered and should have come out with 0 points but by some minor miracle we scavenged a point so it’s not a disaster at all.”

“Sheffield United bossed us throughout”.

“Souness referring to Sheff United as a throwback seems a bit lazy and disrespectful. Think they might be the most tactically innovative team in the league and playing good stuff.”
“They are a very good side at their place”

“A draw is harsh on SU who dominated for large portions of the game.”

” credit to Sheffield for the unrelenting pressure they put on our midfield.”

” Getting dominated by fecking Sheffield United”

“those seven minutes aside, SU were all over us, dominant and bullied us around.”

“We were absolutely bullied by a far better TEAM. They cared. They wanted it. They won and kept nearly EVERY BALL. Fair play to them. We are a million miles away from where we need to be. Still not Ole out but I’m leaning….”

“Sheffield United had better quality and outplayed us. How can that be?”

“SHU were the better team for most of the game”.

“Sheff United will be seething with themselves for allowing us back into the game when they were 2-0 up, theyre going to feel robbed today. They completely played us off the park for 70mins or so”

“Sheff Utd have got their best ever side, are going great guns, and we’re well, well off our best.”

“Game of two halves, and probably a fair result”

“Sheffield almost blew it. If we won that game it would have been a travesty for them”.

“overall first half was terrible. Sheff allowed us back in the game. I am not convinced.”

“Don’t let the comeback or those 10-15 minutes fool you. We were piss poor throughout.”

“it’s kind of a good thing we didn’t pull out a totally jammy, undeserved, flukey win to extend Ole’s stay of execution yet again.”

“Absolutely diabolical performance. We were completely dominated by a team that has only four players that have ever played in the Premier League before.
The comeback was completely lucky. Winning that game would have been the epitome of papering over the cracks. Awful.”

“How is Sheffield able to score 3 against us? Embarrassing”.

“It’s Sheffield United for the love of f***.”

“Who are 5th, in good form and ran us off the park for an hour”

“When we decided to actually attack, they looked a newly promoted side.”

“Sheffield are better coached than us, Wilder has been at the job since 2016 and they have a squad of more mature and experienced players.”

“thought we were the better side throughout the entire second half, we looked much better when Lingard came on/the change in formation so felt their second goal was kind of against the run of play (albeit they should have been further ahead by half time such was their first half domination)
At the end of the day it’s a tough away game against one of the better sides in the league”

“Do think we were the better team through out the second half. The 2nd goal was Perreira feck up but, we started well and eventually our change in formation allowed to get at them more. I even told my mate, 3-2 soon as they scored. Was confident.
VAR can go do one. Yes, red-tinted glasses on and tin-foil hat is truly fastned on but, that 3rd goal of theirs, if that’s Liverpool, it gets chalked off.”

“The result is fair, but VAR missed a handball.”

“Robbed by VAR.”

“Sheff United 100% deserved something from the game but your bicep is part of your arm.”

“Not sure how the goal wasn’t disallowed. Hit the arm, hand ball and I expect the decision to be consistent”.

“I’d love to see where we’d be this year if VAR wasn’t shit.
Scored three goals away to the second best defence in the league.
They score one legitimate goals against us. And then it fecks us. Clearly hit his hand. Clear push on Jones”

“Didn’t deserve that point but will take it, I guess.
Awful performance minus a 15 min spell between minute 70-85
VAR got that McBurnie goal decision spot on”

“Come on….. handball against Sheff Utd? The guy practically placed himself into a Kimura lock just to avoid the contact with the ball and his arm. No logical person could possibly conclude that it’s a fair handball decision. The goal stood, rightly so.”

“”No issue with the VAR decision , the video was inconclusive so I think it was right to let the goal stand”

“Well at least I can say I’ve enjoyed 5 minutes of football this season”.

By Roy

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