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A selection of quotes from neutral fans on the draw against Manchester United

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Norwich Fans

“I was wrong about Sheffield United, they aren’t going to be in a relegation fight”

“thought Sheffield United were fantastic yesterday, no I don’t wish we were them, but by God they gave man u a rattle.”

“Sheff U are superb today”

“Man Utd poor but I feel that is down to the way Sheff Utd are playing…cutting up play, closing down players quickly etc”

“They look like a real team, whereas Man U look like 11 individuals who have just been thrown together. All credit to Sheff U and Wilder”

” They berate everyone for time wasting yet do it so much themselves and now it’s cost them “

Aston Villa Fans

“I do wonder with Sheffield playing the same side every week that they might tire out at some point in the season.”

“I’m stunned by Sheffield’s start to the season tbh, I didn’t think they were anything special at all last year, but Wilder has done a cracking job.”

“I look at Sheffield and on paper they should be nowhere near where they are – Chris Wilder is a fantastic manager and they don’t fear anyone. I wish we had their mindset and their resilience, unfortunately we go ahead against one of the so-called ‘bigger’ teams then concede 2 goals in the last 10 minutes to lose the game. ”

“Good game shef united deserved a draw”

“They got 1 more point out of that game than we would have”

“Sheffield United are brilliant to watch. Love seeing them do well. “

“Sheffield Utd are so well set up they always want it more. Proper team”

“you can see that is a good refined side that’s been put together with time and patience. It’s what were are missing is time and patience and hopefully we can pull it together because sheff utd are absoloute staying up and they deserve to the way they are going after these teams and shutting them down. “

Bournemouth Fans

“What an entertaining game of football.”

“Some similarities between them and us re players coming up with them through the leagues and a close knit group. Could Wilder and his team of not expensive buys be one of the surprises this season? Long way to go yet.”

“It’s well documented that Wilder has unashamedly used AFCB as a role model to his players in respect of coming up through the leagues together. perhaps in a few years they will be like us trying to replace those golden oldies and maintain that togetherness and team spirit.”

“See a few clubs do well in the first season but then get found out as clubs realise they need to give them a bit more respect. Done great job so far and wilder calls it as it is in interviews.”

“They have the attitude our side had first season in the Premier League.”

“Mousset looks like a completely different player from when he was with us.”

“really impressive from Mousset.”

“Let’s not re-write history re Lys. Thought he looked great in 16-17 season and often came in and had an impact. Last season he was awful. Maybe leaving us has re-focussed his mind. He wanted to leave and turned down a contract here I believe as wanted to start first team games. He suits a different style of play than Solanke in any case. “

“And Mousset may have improved BECAUSE of the time he spent and what he learnt at AFCB. EH always said Mousset in his long future plans but he became restless for more game time and left”

Brighton Fans

“I am jealous of Sheffield United.They may still fall away but for the club that have just come up they are doing incredibly well.Surely they can’t keep this up can they.Not 1 Billy big bollox star either.”

“Really? I think they are a bunch of cheats and I’m surprised the FA or the premier league haven’t acted. Billy Sharp died in 2011 after being viciously attacked by Lewis Dunk. Yet there he is in their squad and coming off the bench to play. How can a dead man do that, eh? Clearly he is possessed by some supernatural power, giving them an unfair advantage. He probably imbues the rest of the team in his evil spirit, too… “

“can’t help but be a bit impressed.I’m not unhappy with where we are but I would rather be where they are and some of the results they have had.”

“Hull did the same in their first season till teams worked them out but by then they had enough points to stay up which is what they have now”

“Great match, Sheff Utd were excellent.I slo-mo’d the last gasp equaliser and thought it was handball, not the ‘shoulder’ bit that VAR focused on but that he used his hand to guide the ball onto his thigh, then onto his shoulder before volleying it in.”

“Norwood impressive in a very dynamic Sheffield United.”

“how on earth did we let him go was it just because he coloured his hair ?”

Watford Fans

“Their home form has been slightly less consistent than their away form losing to Southampton, Leicester and unluckily Liverpool. They have been really tight at the back allowing them to take chances on the break.”

“The way people talk about Sheff Utd is they are some great footballing super power. I take it you didn’t go to the game? On the day they were very ordinary and we should have beaten them and would have if we had decided to attack them…..IMO.”

“The reason the reaction was so poor to this supposed miraculous home draw against unbeaten away specialists Sheff Utd is because we were whank. And they were dire too. They offered zero threat all game but we just sat off them. It was pathetic and they were there for the beating and the fans knew it. “

“Maybe Sheff Utd were poor that day but games before that showed they were more than capable and certainly games since then have backed this up. So far they have shown themselves to be a very decent team and we should not look back on that as a wasted opportunity. In fairness, given the seasons we’ve both had I imagine they are more disappointed not to have won than us! “

“Mousset was a Bournemouth reject – now he is flying at Sheffield United .Maybe shows how well Wilder is doing .”

Newcastle Fans

“Greatest comeback in the history of Manchester United DENIED.”

“Cracking game. Very glad ManU didn’t win.”

“Tbf Sheffield United are playing well this season. An away game there isn’t easy. “

“Shows where Man U are as a club now though. Whether Sheff Utd are in form or not they should win that.”

“It wasn’t just Man Utd’s result yesterday or the fact they looked like losing for a good while.  The performance other than a 10 minute spell was dire.  Sheffield Utd had them pegged back for long periods and Man Utd couldn’t pass the ball to each other.  Neville wasn’t being OTT with his criticism.”

“Mousset is a completely different player to the one at Bournemouth.”

“Man U could have had Ballack and Pirlo – it still wouldn’t be enough to combat the genius footballing mind of Chris Wilder – the greatest manager on the planet.”

West Ham Fans

“Mousset is an example of a striker who may not be blessed with all the talent in the world but certainly puts himself about.Great signing for them”

“As much as it pains me to say, Sheff Utd look impressive. That Mousset is enjoyable to watch. Never stops working and has a bit of skill and a tidy brain to go with it.”

“The whole teams works hard, they are organised, their midfield gets a foothold in their game etc. They do all the basics that are required for a team to at least function properly. Everything we don’t do…”

“No fancy dans, just decent hard working intelligent players.Makes me sick to watch to be honest.”

“Sheffield Utd are everything we are not. Look at them chase back to defend the counter, incredibly organised, every player playing to a manager’s plan and giving everything.”

“sadly Sheffield United wont be going anywhere soon as they now have a lot more money to spend since their takeover.”

“People thinking we can get Wilder as our next manager are on another planet.”

“Sheffield United are just like many sides that come up. Have a reasonably good first season, get found out and relegated in the second season. Chris Wilder is an OK manager but not the man for us. I’ll have a wager that Sheffield United go down next season.”

Crystal Palace Fans

“I know its early days for them but they are doing well, I think Chris Wilder is doing a great job, in his interview he puts it down to, Brave tactics, shrewd signings and no egos. Hmmmm”

“Yes they seem a tight knit club with everyone pulling their weight .They must be delighted with their start which might be just enough to save them from the drop come later in the season when they have a long spell of losses. Like us many teams are thinking how did we loose to that which will be rectified in the return fixture .”

“Often happens in a promoted teams first season, however they normally get found out in the second season and get relegated.”

“They were great for about 70mins against United. Absolutely dominated them but then seemed to tire a bit at the end. Showed great character to still rescue a point. Their style of play is enjoyable to watch. With their all action style I wonder if they’ll tail off due to fatigue/ injuries etc in the second half of the season. Fair play to them though. “

“Went to Palaces game at Bramhall Lane which we lost 1-0.Have to say they deserved the win and their fans certainly were up for their first game in the Premier.Seem to be like us in lots of ways Real football ground, good honest support. ”

Leicester Fans

“What. A. Game. Deserved equalizer. At least for all that fighting spirit. Well done, Sheffield United!”

“SU are the new kids on the block and they play very much like we did 2015-16, defend well, close down early and get the opposition on the break. I think we will find it hard to beat them when we play.”

“Thank god Sheff Utd managed to pull out an equaliser, they are a very likeable side that are great to watch.”

“2 points dropped by Sheff Utd”

“Went to get a beer and I can’t believe they dropped a two goals lead in ten minutes. That’s Arsenal level of bottling. Fuming.”

“Must admit I’m getting rather bored of hearing about oVeRlApPiNg CeNtRe bAcKs”

“I cheered that last Sheff U goal almost as much as one of ours!!” 

Burnley Fans

“And that’s why the PL excites,bonkers game”

“difference in Sheff Utd since Mousset went off is incredible”

“One man team,shite arnt they,banged on to go down”

“Their fault for going defensive when they were well on top”

“Norwood had a cracking game.”

“Impressive start from Sheffield”

“A good team can beat a side of exceptional individuals. Utd , like Arsenal, are a mess. Sheff U on the other hand are a prooer team. We disnt turn up at Bramall Lane, but they still took no prisoners. I, like everyone else, thought they’d finish bottom, I’m happy to be wrong. It’s great to see another team performing on a shoe string, and rubbing the big boys noses in it. The only area I would put them ahead of us is they seem to have pace all over the pitch, which is always helpful in the Prem.”

Wolves Fans

“Going to be a tough game next week. Sheff Utd are a cracking outfit.”

“Actually wish it was Man utd rocking up at Molineux next week rather than Sheffield”

“Man Utd making the Blades look like Real Madrid.”

“I think it is more Sheff Utd making Man Utd look like Southend”

“We’ll have to play extremely well to beat Sheff Utd next week, I’d take a draw personally, they really are excellent.”

“They have left a lot of room in the full back area but luckily for them today James and Rashford decided not to try and play. Our front 3 will be put in more effort so we should give them problems but it is going to be a very tough game”

“For all SU possession, they didnt really create much even in the first half.We will need to be physical across the midfield and hopefully our quality upfront will tell.”

“If they switch off against us with 20 mins to go they’ll be in trouble”

Everton Fans

“We should look at Sheffield United!! Really look at them!! Players playing with passion for their manager and each other. It’s not about highly paid, players who cost a fortune, it starts with passion. It’s where we need to get to and build from there… “

“Whenever I want to watch a “Proper Football Game” I watch games like Leicester yesterday. Or, Sheffield United right now showing some fight against Man Utd. I don’t know WTF I’m watching when I see my Dear Everton FC!”

“fair play to Jags he’s still got pace and positional sense in buckets, cannot believe Silva never gave him another year when we needed more cover at CH, well actually that’s a lie I can understand why he’s a useless manager.” 

“Jags and Lundtsram are better off in Sheffield at the moment “

Arsenal Fans

“What makes Sheffield work is that they have a lot of mature heads. All their attacks are with purpose. Not like Arsenal where you throw it into the box and hope for the best “

“This Sheffield team is amazing. I’m sure they would beat arsenal at this point. Wait..”

“Sheffield United play better football than Arsenal football club. And you think AFC ain’t a joke! Oh please!!!”

“Emery looking at Sheffield United and thinking: that is how I want Arsenal to play. Protagonists EVERYWHERE”

“It is a shame that small club like Sheffield United play better football than Arsenal this season.”

“Is it too late to start supporting Sheffield Utd?

Chelsea Fans

“that is one crazy game”

“Man Utd couldn’t handle the pace of their 2 strikers”

“Remember when all rival fans tweeted us that Match week Chelsea drew 2-2 with Sheffield United?”

“if I were an EPL manager, this SU team plays exactly how I would want my team to play”

“If Sheffield United scored that goal against Liverpool then that’s being given as handball.”

Spurs Fans

“Great game. Would have been a travesty had MU won that. “

“This game is crazy! I keep thinking we’re playing!!!”

“I wonder how long the Utd players will stay fit. He keeps playing the same group every game, the are going to break by Christmas.”

“I wonder if any clubs will try and pinch Wilder?nEverton might give it a go. “

“I would if I were them. He’s Easily a better manager than silva”

“Fleck isn’t too bad. I like him”

“The Sheffield United players thought they had the game won and took their foot off the gas, you can’t do that against any PL club, especially against a united attack who have the ability to cause problems and score goals. “

“Var finally makes a good decision.”

Man City Fans

“That was a great game of football”

“Very impressed with Sheffield, — they play football as it should be played and the league is better for it. “

“They play really neat stuff Sheff U. Genuinely think everybody will struggle at Bramhall Lane”.

“credit to Sheff utd they’ve been brilliant as some have already posted we will have a hard game on our hands when we go there,the scousers got a flukey win there due to a goalkeeping howler ..”

“Honestly the blades could have buried them,2-0 is NEVER a safe lead”

“Sheffield blew it but united had nothing to lose at 2-0 and got lucky.”

Liverpool Fans

“Sheffield United are mentality monsters themselves, they’re a band of absolute warriors. For a promoted side to show so much mental fortitude is unbelievable, God knows what Chris Wilder tells them. Game of the season, for me.”

“He probably tells them they were brilliant when they were brilliant and tells them they were shit when they were shit. Doesn’t hide behind press officer or try to con the fans. It’s how it used to be.”

“No lies!!! They’ve been our toughest opponent this season and were really unlucky to lose to us. Chris Wilder deserve massive credit.”

“Chris Wilder is one of the best managers ever, fam he got my hometown promoted with some dead wood players”

“John Fleck was arguably the best player on the pitch against Manchester United, he’s been the most underrated midfielder in the Premier League this season”

“Mousset is good aswell”

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