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“An even game. Chances for both sides, with the Blades having the more dangerous ones, but after starting slowly, Wolves took hold of the game.”

“A deserved point for Wolves; May feel unlucky not to get all 3 points. We threw the kitchen sink at it after about an hour and created plenty of chances but credit to Sheffield Utd who dug deep and created chances of their own.”

“If the Blades had been better at taking their opportunities we might have lost this game by three goals such was the ease with which they cut us open in the first 45 mins. We were poor, very poor and there was no crispness to our play.
We can make excuses about playing in that quagmire on Thursday but ultimately Sheffield were good value for their point. They’ll leave Mol. knowing they could have done even better. They faded after we scored our equalizer and I’m still bemused how VAR is working at there is every chance Jimenez was offside on the build up. Normally we’d see a bigger delay in giving the goal but it seemed to happen very quickly.”

“Overall, don’t think we deserved a point but showed great character given how many games we’ve played recently and Thursday’s exertions. Sheff Utd played well and Wilder has done an incredible job given the resources available to him.”

“They were brimming with confidence and we weren’t at our best so to come out of that with a point is a good result”

“Fortunate to get a point against a well organised Blades who also played with some flair going forward.”

“Do not underestimate how good a point this is. Sheffield are a good side bang in form.”

“All in all, good point as Sheff Utd should’ve put us to bed long before Doherty equalised. Saying that, we looked the only team likely to win in the last 20 minutes.Sheff Utd, as we already knew, were well organised and full of energy. Some of their interlinking play as they break forward is excellent. Suspect they’ll remain in the top 10 this season.”

“They could have put the game out of reach in the first five minutes of the second half, so I’m happy with a point.”

“Take nothing away from Sheffield, they played very well, but their finishing really let them down. We could have lost 5-2 on another day”

“Blades should have been out of sight after an hour.”

“Not really – Patricio made a couple of good saves today, but nothing you wouldn’t expect him to make. And then we were constantly on the attack for the last half hour. Jota woke up a bit in the last ten which helped.”

“We actually made them look better than they were for much of that first half with our sloppy play but bossed the second.”

“Pretty gutted to draw that.”

“disappointing, but we cant have complaints, werent good enough for the win.”

“We looked leggy throughout. Not surprising, made worse by the fact we were up against a big, physical side, a kind of superior version of Stoke under Pulis.”

“Fair play to Sheffield United, they are good side and what a job their manager has done. Having said that, I actually think they may struggle if they get a few iffy results. Their players are playing well above themselves, thriving on the confidence and momentum they have. I thought they were poor after we scored today and they did the same against United last week. Unlike when we were promoted, it was clear we had Premier League quality players. McGoldrick, as just one example – but there are many more in that team – is not Premier League quality. He is a perennial Championship loan man, but absolute credit to him and his manager for what they have achieved this season (so far), but I do fear for them when the going gets tough.” “SUFC, like us last season, were an absolute credit to promoted teams from the champo. Some of their football today was very good and they might count themselves unlucky not to have been out of sight before we got the equaliser. Although, has to be said, they were very cynical with their off the ball stuff. Sad to see that creeping more and more into the game and, ironically, a tactic used by teams managed by Englishmen, SUFC today, Bournemouth last week. Remember the days when we used to frown upon the Italians and South Americans playing like that? Referee bottled a clear second yellow and therefore sending off for the SUFC right wing back, who must have watched old videos of foreign teams from the 70s and 80s with that off the ball on Jota, in the second half. Anyway, that’s not to distract from how well they played.” “You can see how Blades got themselves out of the Championship and why they’re giving Prem sides a problem, they have the classic components that you would look for in a newly promoted side – fast, in your face, direct (which is not to say they lacked some skill as they didn’t), a physical edge that borders on brutal/cynical, very well organised and they work as a unit very well. If they had better finishers to be honest the game would have got beyond us at the start of the second half.”

“Tough side and after that first half, and also our start to the 2nd it’s a good draw although the overlying feeling is one of ‘we should have won’ and also the cynicism of the Utd fouls leaves a bad taste in the mouth, as does the inability of the ref to punish them as we should have been playing again 10 men those last 10 mins. Pathetic refereeing again”

“I thought Sheffield Utd played well. They break similarly to how we do which made it a very interesting game. They could and probably should have been 3 or 4 up by 55mins so we could count ourselves fortunate and shock… As an away side infront/happy to take a point they used time-wasting and generally ****house tactics, we have all been there. Sheffield Utd will cause teams some issues. They are doing better than what we were at this point last season so on reflection I am happy with a point.”

“I’ll take a point playing against 12 men.”

“Sheff Utd are a good team, but boy are they cynical. With a half decent ref no.2 would have been off and probably no.4 with the number of fouls he committed.” “What a cynical bunch of cheating, fouling, diving c***s they are, aided and abetted by an absolute cock of a referee. Deserved a point but could easily taken all 3.”

“F**k this everyone’s favourite plucky underdogs tag. Sheffield are as bigger bunch of counts as Bournemouth on today’s evidence” “I’ve praised Wilder and United all week, I take most of that back, I thought their tactics and style was utter gash.
they didn’t take the game to us like promised and if we’d have had a fresh Raul and Jota we’d have scored 3 today.”

“I read their forum yesterday, have to say they’re the most precious fans I’ve come across. Saying they don’t play good football was a sin. Couldn’t believe Yorkshiremen were so touchy.”

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