“Really didn’t expect that. Great result!”

“Not sure how we kept a clean sheet this evening but the lads defender so well which is something you can’t usually say about Newcastle.”

“We’re riding our luck massively, Dubravka is keeping us afloat in games but he should get some credit for realising that Rafa is a better manager and decided to revert to his system after an embarrassing attempt at whatever he was trying to do pre-Leicester.”

“The result is a fluke. There could have been no complaints in losing by a couple of goals.”

“If you’re a Sheff Utd fan you’re scratching your head wandering how they’ve lost by two goals there. Lucky cabbage heed.”

“What a really jammy, jammy win. Will take it though”

“Sheff Yoo didnt take their chances in the first half, simples. Sharp the little wanker could have easily been sent off if he had stayed on.”

“Has to be said that is great effort from almost everyone, and some credit to Bruce for quickly realising that the lads were more comfortable in the set up and tactics Rafa was using. Fortunately that set up pretty much nullified Sheff Utd’s big strengths as a team.”

“Good result. The performance though…”

“Great win, wasn’t good to watch, but up to 11th so who gives a s***!”

“We rightly respected them as the better side this season – and banked on the fact they wouldn’t be able to break us down due to them only really having one style of play.”

“once we took the lead we played a really expansive attacking game. We didn’t sit deep and rely on luck to win at all”

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“we were absolutely schooled in the first half, but Shef have got championship players at the end of the day, and they had nothing up front to make the most of their dominance.”

“they’re pretty much one dimensional. Championship fare and haven’t won on a while. Wonder if they’ll be a bit Hull-y.”

“If you sit off Sheffield United they don’t have the quality to break you down”

“VAR was used absolutely correctly in this case and it was a very good piece of refereeing. The Sheff Utd players were a joke. Should be a wake up call to all players to play to the whistle.”

“Correct call by the Ref and Shelvey, always play to the whistle, ref didn’t blow so even without VAR it should have counted (?) Not got a problem with the result or goal, just all looks a bit ‘shithouse’ and isn’t the way you want football games to be decided. Just know we will get loads of s*** for it.”

“The way we play negates a lot of Sheffs attacking prowess, Wilder is a one trick pony and everyone getting on his cock in the media will certainly lead to his untimely sacking in a years time because Sheffield think they’re a massive club all of a sudden”

“wilders like that lad that blames his control on fifa”

“Wilder should be fuming. His team offered nothing second half.”

“They Probably shouldn’t approach games as though they’re taking place in the 1970s tbh.”

“They can make as many excuses as they want, fact is the rule of playing to the whistle has always applied and always catches teams out, this is no different. At the time I thought the referee had blew his whistle and was chasing Shelvey to get him to stop, turns out he had never blown his whistle and was running with Shelvey to indicate play on.
Sheffield United have no one to blame but themselves.”

“Hate the modern trend in football fans of leaving with 80 minutes left on the clock just because they’re losing. Sheff Utd fans doing it tonight.”

“They must have forgotten that only a year ago they were easily one of the ****test teams in the country. Like, barely better than Sunderland.”

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