“Sheffield United are unbeaten on the road so far this season. They won’t be easy opponents.”

“Sheffield United is are very difficult game”

“very tricky games indeed”

“This will be a physical match.”

“Sheff United – although they can play a bit – will be physical.”

“Sheffield Utd are a good footballing side.”

“They’re this seasons Wolves!”

“Give over. They’ll drop like a stone after Christmas.”

“There really not this seasons Wolves”

“They play great football, very well organised, good to watch and strong defensively, great manager too. Have you seen them this season?
Whether their squad can get them through the year is the bigger question, just as it was for us last year. The injuries on Sunday and the effect is a hint that perhaps they have issues there.”

“you could tell that one thing they have is confidence in their own ability, whether that will carry them through the whole season or not is debatable.
They were flying, and when they were two goals up, they just seemed to lose it completely, they were pegged back and then went behind. Fair play to them, they found enough confidence to come back again, yes confidence is important but there is no substitute for ability.
I feel we have much more ability.”

“We smashed sheff at home in champ when they used same tactics and mainly same players”

“Its weird because as someone noted we beat Sheffield United with roughly the same team at home and it was one of the easiest wins I can remember in the championship
Yet they look decent. I think its a lot of will over skill though. I dont agree about them comparing to us because we have genuine quality players who can graft a result when playing rubbish. They are following the footsteps of the great giant killers of the past, aka Wigan, Hull, Reading, Swansea etc etc”

“I knew Sheffield United would suprise people organised teams do well in the prem. Defences who leak goals don’t hence why Norwich are very patchy. They will get found out at some point they don’t have enough quality to sustain this … if they prove me wrong fair enough. We are an organised team who has a lot more quality. If our front 3 are on it we should win.”

“They are high performing on adrenaline, guts, and grift. Fair play to them, but as we can surmise, these things can only get you so far. They’ll have a great season, but they will drift the further it progresses. If I had to place money, I figure they’ll end up 9-12 in the final table. Second season is always the litmus test.”

“They look like an ok team playing with confidence to me, their defence is definitely a bit suspect, the second and third goals they conceded yesterday were shambolic, credit to coming back, but they looked very naive in the way they went from 2-0 up to 3-2 down. They won’t be in the relegation mix come the end of the season, but I don’t see them emulating what we did last year.
The only one I’d be a bit concerned by is Mousset, but if we deal with him (if he plays), I’m not too concerned about next week to be honest, we should have enough to beat them fairly routinely.”

“They tend to play Robinson as a left sided attacker which I feel will be more suited to Bennett due to his experience. I agree that Vallejo is poor and his confidence is shot.Would like to see Kilman get some FA cup experience if we draw lower league opposition. His chance will come but I think you need all the experience you can get against a Wilder side. He’s a strewd manager. Watched his Cobblers team walk the league.”

“They are doing well but the media love is in hilarious.
I popped onto an arsenal forum last night and there are quite a few rate wilder than Nuno. Bizarre”

“Robinson is pretty slow though and none of the sheffield united attackers have particularly good numbers so far. They have one of the best defences in the league so we need attacking intent and quality on the ball. To me Kilman has that over Bennett. Kilman has had 2 rounds of carabao cup against Champ and PL teams as well as EL opposition. He’s come out of those looking decent if anything sheffield United are a perfect test good football team but no real pace or outstanding individualy quality all about the collective with them.”

“Mousset and McGoldrick look quick and a real handful.”

“Good thing that neither of them can hit the side of a renault espace.”

“Mousset would disagree.”

“If Mousset scores 10 goals this season I will be very very surprised”

“As someone who has watched alot of McGoldrick for Ireland he is a handful. Drops deep for the ball and links up play well but isn’t an out and out goalscorer though can barely hit a barn door.”

“If there is any type team in premier custom made for bennett it’s sheff Utd and mcgoldrick”

“The most sobering thought from last season was that Huddersfield finished on 16 points.
6 of those were against us.
Take NOTHING for granted.”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Wolves”
  1. A fair analysis from Wolves fans. Appreciated. Let’s wait and see. Will it be our first away defeat? Depends on holding on if Blades score first.

  2. Wolves fans seem to think they’re one of the top four! They aren’t. May have more quality on paper,far more money spent and available than us,but you don’t win games on paper. Have a bit more respect. Easily as big a club as Wolves,it’s not the 1950’s anymore.

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