“IF we win then you know it could really be a reset.
IF we win Pochettino may have got away with some weird calls.
BUT this is no gimme. I just say this. Kane will be itching to score, Son will be wanting to repay the faith and support afforded to him by the fans and Alli is inching back to form. Add the new 3 and whisper it quietly but you know. “

“We simply must win this. We have to get some mojo to move up the table. Play the new guys and smash em.”

“Seriously worried about this one. We are an extremely talented but currently disorganised looking side and they are completely the opposite. Individually nothing special but as a coherent team they’re a force to be reckoned with.
We need an early goal to knock them back and restore a bit of confidence in ourselves. If they manage to get one first then we’ll need to break them down and that takes some doing once they dig their heels in.
Hopefully a good CL result midweek will have the team thinking positively and we come away with three points”

“I think Sheffield is actually quite scary. A hard working, well drilled, effective team – and a manager that wont settle for any slip – up against us? Unless we really raise our game I think they could take a big scalp at the weekend.”

“Sheff United will probably come and play for a point, try and nick it on set pieces, but the way Wilder sets them up is impressive. 3 at the back, but the right and left centre halves to the overlapping. John Eagan is a proper leader, Mousset is in some form and their midfield know how to win a game dirty. I like Sheff United, hope they stay up, but not by getting any points this weekend”

“Lys Mousset at United looks very handy”

“He was poor at Bournemouth. Sheffield United are all about their manager and how he coaches them
saw it when he was at Northampton and Oxford too
He is a great manager”

“Lundstram is FPL gold.”

“This could be a really difficult game. They will look to get a single goal and then shut up shop. And they’re good at it.”

“Sheffield are a very very good team and statistically have one of the best defences. I have a bad feeling we will lose this”

“Sheffield United are more of a footballing side than their getting credit for”

“I think this is a harder game than it seems, they’re pretty decent”

“Sheffield United will make it very tough for us”

“Sheff Utd gonna dick us in our own back yard”

“Buzzing for us getting battered by Sheffield United”

“Home to newly promoted Sheff Utd and nobody can call a win, or even a draw with confidence
What a collapse “

“The fact we’re worried about Sheffield United at home this Saturday should be considered gross misconduct of our manager. Shocking”

“We will probably loose to this lot of organised cloggers, we are going to be lucky to finish 12th at this rate.”

“Would like to see more of the Dier/Sanchez duo as they are probably both here next season and they should be able to deal with Sheffield.”

“Red Star are like a league 1 team – it’s Sheffield Utd that will turn us over and put us in relegation battle!”

“Sheff Utd will be much tougher than Red Star so will need to step up again.”

“The passing and tempo was quick and pacey against Belgrade – just need Eriksen back in the team to slow it down a tad and allow Sheffield Utd a chance to regain the ball.”


Not Eriksen
Not Eriksen – Not Eriksen, Not Eriksen – Not Eriksen
Not Eriksen – Not Eriksen
Not Eriksen – Not Eriksen – Not Eriksen
Not Eriksen”

“heard from an Arsenal fan that you you cant beat sheffield this time of year”

“The one thing I feel most comfortable predicting is that I won’t enjoy watching the game and afterwards will wish I had done almost anything else.”

“I honestly can’t go to games this season unless I’m absolutely battered, the only way the stress doesn’t make me cave one of the jobsworth stewards heads in”

“Good news if you have an umbrella under 1 metre , you can take it to the game at the weekend”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Spurs”
  1. Oh well, apart from one buffoon, they’re all honest comments. Spurs supporters are a decent lot. I remember some great games from 60s. Blades getting some recognition at last. Due for an away defeat though. This might be it!

  2. HOPE YOU DONT GET WET MATE, thanks for credit you give sheffield, its more than some idiot who once played for spurs thinks, have a good day, just hope united take a point.

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