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“He’s done well to land a Prem move, not sure what they’ve seen tbh”

“He’s better than he has shown in his last few performances, but still not really shown himself to be prem quality whilst here.”

“He is ok as back up , But let’s face it if he is second best at a championship club then I find this very odd .He is bang average , He is ok going forward but makes loads of mistakes and his positional abilities are shocking, He will be murdered by VAR in the prem”

“He’s been poor this season. I’m not sorry to see him go.

“Don’t know why they’d want him he’s terrible

“If we have ambitions of been in the top league it won’t include Jack Robinson sell sell sell”

“Will not be missed and on big wages”

“I will drive him to Bramhill lane myself. Gives away too many free kicks in dangerous areas”

“Says enough about Osborn as a LB that they want to bring Robinson as well”

“Actually quite starting to like Sheffield United. Not only do they give us £3.5m for Ben Osborn but they want Robinson too?”

“They’ve take one of our shite left backs why do they want another”

“Blades: a bang average forest full back… “take our money””

“He can’t play wing back so get rid”

“He’s an average Championship defender who is currently 2nd choice LB and 5th choice centre back, who’s contract is running out in six months.”

“He was decent initially. Been absolutely dreadful when he’s played this season tho”

“Played well as a left sided centre half but has been liability at left back”

“He’s not a bad player but his mistakes are too frequent and often bad ones. Although maybe that does make him a bad player with a reasonable level of ability.”

“Don’t get the hate for Robbo. I rate him, he’s not as good as Riberio but a good championship left back”.

“I maintain that Robinson is a good player who is just going through a terrible run of form”

“I like Robbo, has made mistakes but can be a really good Left back on his day”

“I think he may actually be just as average in the Prem too…The kind of player to be able to up his game to always be average at any level. “

“Seemed to remember he was in POS discussions last season. Always rated him better as a CB personally, but never been as hyper critical as most on his FB performances. Commitment without question, has ability, proof your only a couple of mistakes away from being shit at Forest. “

“They would look at him has a left sided centre half could be a good player there for them in a 3 and back up.”

“Steady utility man , can play anywhere in the back 4”

“Robinson at LB:

P18 W10 D7 L1

Robinson not at LB:

P9 W1 D4 L4 “

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