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“I wish this topper a lot of success. Arrived as a boy, leaving as a (gentle) man. I will certainly continue to follow his further career”

“he is good there for a number of years, given his talent and his young age”

“Not enough for a player of that caliber who goes to the PL.”

“It isn’t a lot of cash for what is probably a decent big man defensive midfielder, and possibly a very good one. Plus, he’s only 21 so his ceiling is still pretty high. He’s at least worth a flyer. In fact, I’m not sure you can find another player with a similar profile for that cheap right now.”

“Just shows how much money English clubs have”

“Icon!! Don’t leave plz”

“I don’t like he has said goodbye”

“What are we going to miss that man, eternal respect”

“We have lost everything now he has gone”

“I do think boys like Samatta and Berge have earned their transfer, also this season. “

“I enjoyed having him”

“We can be happy with such a player.
Mentality, personality and a top baller.”

“Young and very talented”

“Really an absolute winner. We are playing a dramatic season and yet he manages to take enormous steps as a football player. While last season he often confined himself to defensive work, he increasingly involved himself in the build-up and he also became a real leader in the field.”

“see how Berge, Maehle and Lucumi play in big games like last season against Besiktas. These 3 players played so professional. In these 3 players you see they got a big future! “

“our key player. “

“our key player. “

“Our real captain!
He is the one who gives the new / inexperienced players who join the team some courage before the match, he is the one who tries to adjust the team during the match, he is the one who always gives intelligent interviews after the match, he is the one that almost always plays at the right level!
Such maturity at such a young age! Man, I’m going to miss this classroom when he’s out of here!”

“Take Berge out of here and our midfield is collapsing even harder than a house of cards.”
“will be one of the worlds best central defensive midfielder one day and could also do a van dijk”

“Gonna be a big player”

“A very intelligent player with a large reach and a seemingly relaxed game style that makes the others play better”
“Berge can and will play for a team like Man City or other big clubs mark my words!”

“like prime-age Carvalho, which is pretty good “

“Balancing pendulum at all times of play, retrieves and delivers using simple processes as we look for in a modern 6.”

“He has the physique”

“A real winner. Who will never receive an individual prize in Belgium. “

“Thorstvedt gives off the same power as Berge but is not as fast as him! “

“At just 21, he’s played over 100 senior games. “

“had a dip in the past few months, but still a great leader within the team. May also earn a big prize, still only 21 years . PS. How good does he look? “

“He has quality and class. He still has to take steps. And he can only do that in a stronger competition. In a team in which he plays every week.“

“I remain curious if he can easily pick up the level higher up. Especially the pace and his response are two major points of work for me.”

“he still has to take a few steps on the offensive.”

“Let him go to Sheffield, stand in a nice place in the ranking and he can show himself to the top clubs there.
Better every week a top match in the premier league than here some semi professional matches in PO2”

“I had awarded him something nicer than Sheffield.”

“To be honest, I don’t understand why Berge – who is always talking about finding the right club – chooses Sheffield. It may be that I totally misunderstand their game concept and football philosophy because I have to rely purely on summaries of MOTD, but Berge mainly needs a footballing team, one that wants to play well. And from Sheffield I have the feeling that it is such a typical English mid-engine that loves the more physical play. I wonder if he will stand there, but I fear that he will not give himself a present by choosing a club where he will not be able to play his true qualities.”

“Sheffield: I don’t think it’s the best choice either, but a mid-engine is the ideal rocket to the top. And I think that Berge will belong to that. He will learn a lot and quickly in the PL.”

“Chances are that Sheffield will dangle at the bottom next year and fight for a year in midfield. I just don’t think it is the right competition for him to fully develop his qualities and Berge just seems to benefit me from a really footballing team.”

“Berge had rejected Sheffield in the summer because he did not feel like a game of tough kick & rush. In the meantime, it appears that Sheffield does not just play physical football in the PL. The choice of Berge is indeed conscious, also the playing style of Sheffield. That he had doubts about that in the summer was normal, now half a year later you can indeed see that it can be a right choice. In any case a better choice than taking the step to a club like Liverpool.”

“Well, then I already have a somewhat wrong idea of ​​the football that Sheffield brings. As I said, on the basis of summaries you can often not get a correct picture since they only show dangerous phases. Apart from that, I still have my doubts, but we’ll see what next season gives.”

By Roy

One thought on “Genk Fans Views On Sander Berge”
  1. Why slate Sheffield United we will be in the top 8 this season and the top 8 next and break more transfer records and maybe even compete in Europe and win Genk so stop being Mardy we have him now because you wasn’t good enough and such a poor league

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