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“Retsos only got fit again in the course of the first half of the season. Why would we let him go?”

“not willing to give up retsos at all, and if so, only with an exceptional offer that is significantly above market value. Anything else would be nonsense.”

“If we gave up Retsos, Dragovic and Danger in winter, Rolfes would have been able to get rid of 4 players (including Jedvaj) within 6 months, which for various reasons did not meet the requirements formulated by Carro. This may sound a bit hard, especially with Retsos and Danger (which I really like), because both of them had really bad luck with injuries. “

“Retsos needs game practice”

“I wish that the reports that he was released for winter are wrong.
Would be really bitter if he should not prevail with us, because I see the greatest potential in this position compared to bender and wiser”

“Incredible why he never gets a chance”

“Just don’t understand why he gets so little time.”

“maybe because he felt hurt since his commitment and bosz wants to bring him back a little more carefully? who knows”

“He defensively shows why he is considered a talent.”

“Someone in the club has to whisper in Peter’s ear that Retsos was already a regular here at 19. In his eyes he is probably just some talent that has been hurt forever and is of no interest.”

“He has been remarkable after such a long break in the competitive game.”

“The boy is good, wide awake. Will prevail.”

“has already indicated his talent in a top European club in a top league.
In addition, he is now a national player and versatile”.

“Found him defensively not that bad. Forward rather harmless”

“Solid at the back, not at the front. But don’t blame him. He is a trained IV and is primarily used in the AV positions.”

“His passing us strong, he is duel strong. As a full-back, you have to offer a lot offensively”.

“He is very tough”

“He showed a lot of light and shadow in his time, so I honestly don’t see any great increase in value. At most the long contract term would drive the price if someone absolutely wanted it”.

“He played his part um … solidly. It’s ok .. with the many racing pigs in the league that need to be raged, he has to sort his legs first.”

“He is 19 and just out of the A-junior age; still has eggshells behind his ears and understands hardly a word of German here …
A talent – nothing more. At 27, that’ll be a top defender. As long as you will have to suffer one or two times while watching; normal for a training club …”

“The guy likes to make 1-2 hair-raising mistakes per game. In addition, the blind passes. If he only lifted his head, then these passes would also arrive.
But well, he’s only 19 years old.”

“What good does it do if he plays well against once Hamburg and is otherwise always catastrophic? “

“He can do something with the ball. Presented a very neat re-launch of the Greek.”

By Roy

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