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“At the time left for China with us for 2 million of which 1 million remained stuck to brokers.”

“He was on high wages so we needed to clear”

“I thought (and I still think) that he was going to be a big machine.”

“zivkovic left at because his ambitions did not match those of the club. Wonder if that does not mean ‘expectations’ “

“Suffered from star allures at KV Oostende”

“Zivkovic left us with frustrations.“

“Zivkovic was not good under Vanderhaeghe, not under Custovic and not under Verheyen ”

“no better than dimata”

“I’m glad he has gone”

“Up to now he has failed everywhere”

“wasn’t a guaranteed starter at Oostende”

“He did not eat the league”

“Zivkovic’s career is already going wild. Thanks to a business manager and wrong mentality. “

“Realsied he that he was not good enough for the top or sub-top and opted for the money.”

“Surprised he has got an EPL move”

By Roy

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