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Here I take a look at Blades players out on loan. Unfortunately Regen Slater and Sam Graham have spent most of the season out injured whilst Marcus Dewhurst has yet to make his debut for Carlisle.

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“Ravel Morrison will be a massive success at Boro under woodgate. Woody knows the score, coz hes had his own problems in years gone by, so he knows the sketch. Tell ya man the beginning is now for Rav at the mighy reds.”

“I said this when he signed he’s been a total bellend through his career but what might have turned his attention to boro is woody who can give him his experience of over coming his bad habits away from the field my judgement is out on this one could sure woodys qualities”

“I think it’s safe to say he’s gonna need a game or two to fully get up to speed. He’s been fine so far.”

“seems neat and tidy enough”

“Looks ok”

“Terrible first 20 mins, didn’t look a footballer at all, then he started to get on the ball and ping it about. He was the one midfielder that was using the width and finding the Fbs”

“I don’t know why we took Ravel off. He’s the only one in the team comfortable with the ball at his feet.”

“Howson and Ravel are the only ones Who offers something when we have the ball”


“Looked alright today if it weren’t for that donkey heneghan getting sent off for no reason we’d of won comfortably”

“thick, clumsy dickhead.”

“He can go for me, we just have such a shite defence he stands out better but he’s a donkey.”

“Ben Heneghan hasn’t had a good game since we extended his loan, cost us again today.”

“What’s happened to Heneghan these last couple of months? Erratic form and now a needless red card. Time out of the side might not do him any harm.”

“been all over the place recently”

“Heneghan has slyly been a liability for weeks now what’s going on.” “I really like Heneghan but he’s been a bit suspect for the last few weeks now.”

“Glad someone said it iv been thinking the same since tranmere away where he got bullied”

“No one can slag this lad off he works hard every game. Yes hes made a few mistakes but who hasn’t and today the red card was one of them”

“He will always be one of us. Hope he signs the contract and takes us up next season”

“Hope he signs in the summer”


“We will not win the war with Duffy and Bogle”

“You can also see from Duffy that it is a good ball-solid player. But yeah. 34 years and looks a bit on the heavy side. Hope that a way will be found that Duffy can use his creativity to serve Boggle and Summervile.”

“Duffy also good, mobile and looking for openings”

“Boggel and Duffy are a bit worried, a bit too short to judge them, but a lot more threatening than Necid.”

“Laurens de Bock and Duffy, the greatest European talents a few years ago and now let to Ado to fight against relegation in the Netherlands. It can go crazy in the life of a soccer player”

“Mark Duffy is really bad. Always leave the pass line to Dumfries open, which happily rumbles over it every time”

“Send Duffy and Spence back.”


“A quality debut”

“That Bryan looks a player, I like him shallot”

“Bryan looks like a prize onion. A shallot some might say…”

“Kean Bryan MOM” “He was outstanding”

“love Bryan quality centre half”

“Kean Bryan looks a find!”

“Kean Bryan. Player.”

“Awful defending from Bryan for their goal”

“He needs to win more headers at the back”

“Only second game that Nsiala and Bryan plays together so some mistakes are bound to happen. ”


“Callum Robinson has changed this side”

“How good is Callum Robinson though”

“Callum Robinson is a superb footballer, been the piece we have had missing since the Diangana injury. His time here will only make him a better player with the attitude he has”

“I have a feeling he’ll be an integral cog in the wheel during the run in great business”

“Robinson outstanding”

“Callum Robinson is a lovely football player”

“Few shouts for Man of the Match today but Callum Robinson for me. He has given us that extra dimension that we’ve been missing. Real energy, goal-threat and seems to have a great understanding with HRK, Krov and Matheus. Softened the loss of Grady big time. Great loan”

“Robinson has had three solid games, a breath of fresh air”

“Robinson was fabulous today”

“Robinson gives us so much going forward”

“what a excellent loan signing was brilliant today”

“Robinson MOM by a mile”

“Love Robinson he is just a brute of a player”

“He’s combined very well with Kron, Pereira and Townsend to create more attacking opportunities. Already a popular figure with other players based on their interactions on field”


“I thought Nathan Thomas was absolutely immense yesterday. A different player to a little while ago. I’ve always like his style of play, who wouldn’t , he can create a bit of magic from nothing, but like others I have sometimes questioned his fitness and will. Yesterday, particularly in the second half he just kept going. Every time we broke forward it was him, running into the box and shooting, running forward and passing. Nothing came off yestrday, on other days it could be another hat trick.” “Thomas is playing exceptionally well atm”

“Thomas skinned his man every time he had the ball”

“we all know on his day he can be a match winner, but he really needs to learn when to shoot and when to lay the ball off to a team mate in a better position.”

“Described as an enigma…sums him up perfectly. Awesome v FGR, v Cheltenham a plethora of heavy touches, poor choices and woeful set pieces. Not his best game by a long way but next game could be the total opposite.”

“tried always an option, but not good enough. Was his man with the assist from the goal, not sure given how poor he is defensively why he’s not left up at set pieces.”


“A pretty anonymous debut. Starved of service, yes, but did blaze his one chance way over the bar from inside the box after arguably our best move of the game.”

“Smith looked lively but didn’t get the service and was isolated as well.”

“Cant really judge him yet”

“Looks decent”


“Sponsors’ Man of the Match and with good reason. Defended well for the most part and created quite a few chances, including winning the penalty, through his driving forward runs on the left. He’s got a successful career ahead of him at a higher level than this.”

“Fully justified BBM’s controversial decision to play him at centre-back rather than Keohane over the last few weeks. Has the pace and strength to play this role effectively against dangerous opponents and was terrific in his reading of the game throughout”

“Weird he was filling in at centre half despite being one of the most successful crossers this season in League One.”

“He’s phenomenal”

“Not his best performance either and I wonder if he has maybe been rushed back from the knock he picked up”

“He was ripped to shreds against Sunderland”

“He was turned inside out more times than I can mention”


“Parkhouse didn’t do anything! It was his 1st start so i’m willing to give him benefit of the doubt.”

“Didn’t offer anything”

“Parkhouse looks what he is a big lump who has been playing in the Irish league! Feel sorry”

“Parkhouse (Shithouse in my opinion)”

“I thought Parkhouse tried, we was basically just asked to impersonate Cassidy”

“Why isn’t Parkhouse starting? We loan out Cowley and get another “goal scorer” on fire and we don’t start with him.”

“Parkhouse not even in the squad?? Our great new saviour striker not playing… injured already??”

By Roy

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