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“Good move for his bank account, but if he wants to be playing week in week out he’d have been better off in the Championship imo.”
Tin hat on but he’s better than the opinion most on here have of him.”

“There are a few good young English Gk’s, apart from Henderson coming through, Ramsdale , Pope etc. who bigger clubs may just be thinking about moving for so Big Wes just might have timed it, and chosen, right to get a starting place at a decent sized club. As far as I know he trains well and conducts himself well, needs to work on a few things, but at 29 has time to improve these areas, he has gone to a club where, once Henderson moves on, he must have a good chance of getting a starting place.”

“Foderingham had many good games for us, made plenty of great saves”

“Dont understand this move for him.Left us because he wants to be no.1.Signs for a really good club who have an outstanding keeper he will never dislodge.”

“Good luck to him. He won’t play for them much but I guess it’s a good move to get to the EPL.
Most EPL clubs sign random second and third choice keepers so it’s not a major surprise.”

“Big fan of Wes but imo he’ll be warming the bench again, best of luck to him .”

“Some of those seats in the dugouts down in the EPL look comfortable as fuck so can understand why he has signed.”

“Never know, Henderson goes back to Utd and he could find himself starting.
Few decent games and then because he’s English he’ll be touted as a £25m goalkeeper. “

“Good luck to him. Hopefully he lets a few in when we play them in the Europa League next season.”

“well done to him if he does sign for them, likeable team.”

“Great move for him”

“Good on him good move
don’t hate the guy
had a howler that 5-1 game but he wasn’t a bad goalkeeper “

“Not the greatest keeper we’ve ever had but a likeable chap”

“Good luck to him, far too many bombscare moments for me and surprised he lasted so long.”

“He’s shite and even when Henderson leaves there’s no way Wes becomes their number 1. He’s been signed as a backup because he’s free and ticks the box of being English.
Wanted 1st team football but probably dropped that demand when he realised the level he would need to drop down to to achieve that so settled for sitting on the bench in the premier league for a handsome wage instead. Fair play to him.”

“I’m just glad he’s gone.Thought he was shite”

“Really didn’t rate him at all.”

“Long shots from outside the box if he’s in goal for them. He’s no good enough for that level.”

“I’ve never seen a Rangers keeper concede so many goals from outside the box.”

” Wes “cant deal with shots from outside the box” Foderingham”

” Wes Foderingham’s distribution from his feet was equal to my attempts at combing my hair.”

“I am pretty shocked by this move, he is terrible. “

“League 1 Wes has hit the big time”

“below average keeper who can consider himself fortunate to be able to tell people the played for us when he is retired “

“How have we managed to let a keeper go that has EPL suitors and not get a penny for him. “

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