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“I think there will have been two lists , one if we go up, one if we go down, I think Robinson may have been on both….but would be more likely in the champ ,possibly as our main striker ?
It’s great he danced a bit and got drunk etc ….but that doesn’t mean we should spend millions on him”

“I’m not so sure about us not signing Robinson. Look at his celebrations and and when asked about his future Livermore side whispered “be careful” to him”

“And his reaction at the end of the match he reacting like one of us rather than just a loan player”

“I’m all for making these signings permanent.
They’re a joy to watch.
Robinson has become a real fans favourite – never seen a loan player look so happy.”

“Took the words right out of my mouth. Hope we can get him for next season.”

“I’m hoping we keep Robinson ,he proved me right a revolution up top”

“Could’ve won the league by miles if we’d played Robinson up top since January”

“Robinson, Krovi and Pereira announced today on permanents and I think that would just top it all of wouldn’t it?”

“All the loans played for the shirt, make them all permanent”

“Dear Sheffield United,
Robinson is the worst winger I’ve seen at the Albion. You need to give us Robinson in exchange for Oli Burke, a much better winger.
Regards, everyone at West Brom.”

“love his enthusiasm”

“We look dangerous with Robinson. Some actual mobility for a change.”

“I really rate Robinson”

“been inspired by Robinson”

” like watching prime r9″

“It’s pretty 50/50 on whether we’ll sign him permanently I reckon but it’s a pity Callum Robinson hasn’t played as a striker already given how much we’ve struggled there this season. A bit of pace up there can do a lot for a team.”

“On Robinson it’s a tough one because only a handful of games since joining in jan he’s performed/at £8million I think it needs to be thought out/not be rushed into we need an out and out goal scorer and they are not hard to come by he might one to keep on the back burner”

“Robinson is a good squad player for LW/ST and could do a job now and then. If we’re planning just to build a squad that can be competitive for the premier league and championship if we go down his age is ideal. If it’s staying up or bust maybe not”

“Robinson cuts inside too much and runs into congestion”

“I think he’s too lightweight”

“Get rid of Robinson. Get rid”

“Not good enough”

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By Roy

One thought on “West Brom Fans Views On Callum Robinson”
  1. Some of you fans talk a load of shite and have probably
    never kicked a ball in your lives

    Callum Robinson west brom needs you

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