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“Oh well, thats a bummer.”

“a sad day”

“This is getting depressing. Predictable but depressing.”

“There’s plenty of sellable players but to be losing one of the gems already is a blow. Not a great price either for me. “

“he has to think that this may be his time to challenge for the England keepers Jersey. Add to that Southgate doesn’t like picking tinpot AFCB players in the Premier league let alone the Championship. “

“I wouldn’t sell Rambo even if there was £40m on the table.
His personality and his positive affect on morale alone is worth more than any bid. He’s a popular figure around the squad and his loss will damage us in more ways than we might expect.”

“There are players I’m happy to see leave for the right price. Aaron Ramsdale is not one of them. “

“Future England No 1 for sure!”

“if Pickford worth £30m then Rambo worth more IMO”

“Accepting even 25M for Ramsdale from Sheff Utd, unless he’s asked to go, just screams “fire sale””

“Ramsdale was outstanding for Bournemouth in 19-20 and no real surprise he’s had Premier League interest. Big personality too, loved by fans and will be greatly missed”

“Ramsdale has been a massive positive in an otherwise poor season”

“he is a solid goalkeeper with recent EPL experience. He continues to learn and grow, and seems to be ambitious.”

“pure class all season”

“I still see him after the (chalked-off) goal by Surridge to draw level v Southampton. Running around like a maniac, following a couple of his great saves to keep us alive.
A great look, and in there beats the heart of a leader …. still has stuff to learn, but you can’t teach that kind of intensity …….. you have it or you don’t. It sure looks like he does”

“Rambo has done incredibly well this year – think it will be hard to ‘keep him down’ in the championship, his ability & character has shown that he’s more than ready for top flight.”

“There’s a few players we had to keep to have any chance of success next year and Ramsdale was one of them”

“Sky have just referred to Ramsdale as the ‘former’ under 21 England international. He’s the CURRENT number one choice!”

“A bit gutted but also pleased for Rambo who deserves to play in the top flight. “

“Good business, no thanks! Rather all our players didn’t get sold, especially the likes of Ramsdale. “

“he’s a legend and I actually don’t think he would be looking to leave, seems very passionate about us”

“he’s not a legend, lets get that straight!”

“I like Ramsdale, but as with all our players at the moment, wouldn’t be gutted in selling them if we get good value for them.”

“Want him to stay and think he’s vital but we’d be silly to turn that down”

“Good business by the recruitment team at afcb, but so sad that he’s going, loved Rambo!!”

“He’s had a decent season….but everyone has his price……that’s the training ground paid for”

“There’s good money for us there. There’s a good player there for Sheff Utd, although not one without risk.”

“Whilst Ramsdale was clearly our player of the year, he’s had one season in the premier league and got relegated. He’s going to be a very good keeper but if we can get 15 million or more you just have to take it. “

“Rambo is not quite the finished article yet. His passion and commitment are A1. At times his positioning is not quite right allowing goals that he might have saved. I think a season in the Championship will polish him up and he’ll become a world beater. A solid defence in front of him would help but that didn’t happen last season.”

“Rambo did well last season, not perfect though especially after lockdown.”

“Good player, but he wasn’t exactly faultless.”

“He’s certainly not the finished product”

“I seem to be one of the few who wouldn’t be gutted to see Ramsdale go! I certainly don’t see him as some sort of hero or a legend.
Yes he has made some good reaction saves for us but for me his weak areas are cross shots and free kicks and we have conceeded far too many of these type of goals for my liking!
IIRC we conceeded a goal for around 15 consecutive games with him in goal in the Prem and IMO you can only go so far in blaming the rest of our defence for this! IMO cross shots are a weak area for Ramsdale. Also, if the opposition get a free lkick around 25 yards out, where the hell do you reckon the ball will end up in? ”

“How deep are Sheff Utd’s pockets? They consider themselves a big club yet sh!t the bed paying anything more than £12m on a player, tinpot if you ask me. Not being the biggest club in your own city must be embarrassing aswell. “

“almost as embarrassing as the hundreds/thousands who live in our area and support Southampton.”

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