A collection of quotes taken from fans of The Republic Of Ireland on the performances of John Egan and Enda Stevens in the 1-1 draw v Bulgaria

“Terrible positioning from Duffy and Egan for the goal. right bunch of pansies “

“The Bulgaria goal was Sunday league stuff, Duffy and Egan were 6s and 7s”

“Woeful defending from Egan and, particularly, Duffy”

“too far apart from his team-mate for Kraev’s goal.”

“Egan as much to blame as Duffy for the goal. “

“Both CBs have been poor tonight & not just for the goal & I’m a big John Egan fan.”

“Poor defending from Egan”

“Duffy saved Egan’s bacon tonight.”

“Egan needs to be more comfortable on the ball”

“Did much of the passing out from the back as Kenny asked him to take on the task and was up to it for the most part. But the 56th minute goal will annoy him. Either Egan or Duffy ought to have been touch tight on Bulgaria’s striker.”

“continued to look comfortable throughout with the exception of the goal, although he wasn’t helped by his defensive partner. Showed plenty of promise on the ball, something that will please his manager.”

“The likes of Egan, Stevens & others showed we can apply serious pressure. Great platform to build on. “

“Egan emerging as a leader”

“Enda Stevens’ first touch. Even when he has space, his first instinct is to touch it backwards. I know it mightn’t be easy when you’ve no winger in front of you but he needs to start playing forward”

“Death, taxes, and Enda Stevens’ first touch going backwards”

“. Stevens is another player who was so so poor although you could see the brightness in the link up with Connolly.”

” established as the first choice left-back. Very harshly booke. Combined with Connolly at times, over-lapping. Almost set up O’Dowda right on half-time with a fine cut-back.”

“Steady as ever from the Sheffield United man who is one of Ireland’s most reliable players now. He tried to get forward every time there was the slightest chance of being creative”

“Doherty and Stevens good going forward but leave CB very exposed at times.”

“Stevens lookeda bit exposed on the left”

“didn’t get on as much possession as he would have liked.”

“Enda Stevens image of postman pat baiting up and down that line surprised there’s not a cat following him”

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