A collection of views from Norwegian fans on the performance of Sander Berge against Austria

“Sander Berge played the whole 90 minutes, being IMO one of the best players for Norway(along with Haaland Ofc).
,he worries me a bit. Missing 2 big chances towards the end of the game, one of them being a 100% chance.”

“kept the calm in a really bad Norwegian midfield yesterday. Hope he becomes more clinical and gets some more goals this year.”

“I do like Sander Berge.”

“Haaland, Berge, Ajer, King and Ødegaard give the threat, but it is so thin in parts of 11rn otherwise.”

“Should have done better with his chances”

“missed from 3m”

“hes another youngster & its hard to ask a couple of exceptional youngsters to carry an entire 11.”

“Sander Berge must start playing at his best”

“I have full respect for Sander Berge, but what the hell is he doing today?”

“The 100 million man Sander Berge has probably not exactly shone …”

“Sander Berge a little praised? Type completely medium to everything.”

“”Sander Berge is slow.”

“Berge’s knee turned at the end of the half.”

“Sander Berge .. hi ?? What an incredibly praised player. Morten Thorsby .. too preoccupied with climate change, he can not fuck football. Haaland – I did not know, must have good team players around him and lots of golden hair in the ass”

“No quality on midfield. Norman, Berge bad. Sørloth and Håland had to create too much themselves”

“Gave away a terribly clumsy penalty”

“Sander Berge has to saw off the arm from the shoulder …

“Handsome guy. Must have it”

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