A collection of quotes taken from fans of The Republic Of Ireland on the performances of John Egan , Enda Stevens, David McGoldrick and Callum Robinson in the 1-0 defeat to Finland

“Enda Stevens has done very little in an Ireland shirt. The dearth of options means he will likely always start.”

“Stevens has been very disappointing alright. He seems to come to a standstill every time he receives the ball, very hesitant to drive forward for whatever reason
His distribution today has been absolutely shocking. He is playing like a man who knows his place is under no threat whatsoever.”

“Stevens had a ‘mare”

“Stevens terrible for that goal.”

“Stevens at fault for the goal. He’s had such a poor game”

“Poor awareness for Finland’s opening goal”

“Poor awareness for Finland’s opening goal”

“Had a couple of opportunities to put in crosses, but couldn’t pick out a teammate. He was beaten at the far post for the goal but had been put in a very difficult position.”

“He’s had a worse game than Duffy and that’s saying something”.

“Stevens was sh*te today”

“He’s moved to number 1 on my list of most frustrating players to watch. Never seems to have his mind made up on what he wants to do with the ball. His first instinct is to either go backwards, or else stop the ball dead and stand still, making it difficult to play a forward pass.”

“He is always an outlet ball as, even when tightly marked, he never gives the ball away”

The home side kept going down his side but he was not always on the same page as Aaron Connolly.

“I would imagine that is because he is used to receiving it as a wing-back and are expected just to run with it, rather than as a full-back when you get the ball deeper and with fewer options.”

“Stevens doesn’t look comfortable at full-back”

“Stevens and Doherty need to be at wing back
Every man and his dog can see that”

“The high line does not suit our defence), Egan and Duffy don’t have the pace for it.”

“I still think Egan naturally drifts too wide due to being used to playing in a three.”

“The pound land Harry Kane has ruined Duffy & Egan today”

“Egan swept up around Shane Duffy in the first half”

“Did the basics well and was on hand when called upon”

“He put in a lovely challenge to stop Teemu Pukki in the second half, but couldn’t quite have the influence on the ball that he managed in Bulgaria.”

“I will never understand why McGoldrick is rated as highly as he is. He has no threat whatsoever and his hold up play is largely functional.”

” McGoldrick was an improvement since he came on, his first touch and hold up play are a lot more secure than Idah’s which is important in the role we need them to play”

“I know he’s desperate for a goal but McGoldrick should’ve had the awareness to know where Connolly was and leave it to him. Very slow to react to the chance after as well.”

“Shane Long and McGoldrick aren’t going to offer a goal threat, although McGoldrick would hold up the ball well.”

“If only he could shoot”

“He was better equipped to hold the ball up than Idah, showing the type of nice touches we have become accustomed to seeing from him, forcing a good save from the Finland goalkeeper late on. It’s a pity we couldn’t see him from the start.”

“McGoldrick should have been given the nod this evening”

“Why aren’t McClean & McGoldrick starting?”

“David McGoldrick is such a tidy footballer. If only we had 10 more of him”

“Arguably the worst performance I’ve seen from an Irish team I’d still die for David McGoldrick”

“Robinson and McGoldrick seriously upped the tempo”

“Robinson up to his usual tricks 10 seconds after entering the fray
Such an underwhelming substitution. He’s just not up to it.”

“Last cap for Robinson hopefully”

“First touch was terrible on a few occasions. May come good but was poor today.”

“Robinson, again, looked bright when he came on; shows a bit of industry and creativity. “

“Robinson looked good”

“Robinson injected some pace onto the right flank after his introduction, offering more of an outlet than O’Dowda had.”

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