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“John Fleck is proof that as long as you play in that stupid EPL you’ll get a game for Scotland”


“him and his team mate McBurnie are absolute dugmeat”

“Fleck & McClean non existent”

“Surely Clarke can do better than this?? Maclean? Fleck? Just to name a few. Scottish players just not fit enough.”

“Fleck, Jack, McLean and McGregor haven’t had a good Scotland game between them in years”

“McLean, Fleck, Cooper, McKenna, Palmer, Burke see ye later”

“Fleck, McLean, Cooper, McKenna, Palmer, is it any wonder Scotland are shite”

“John Fleck is one overrated lazy fat fuck. Sorry had to get that off my chest after all the Sheffield United fans bleating about how great he is the last week. Utter mince and lazy too boot”

“What is it with Sheffield and overhyped midget midfielders? Who was worse, Barry Bannan or John Fleck?”

“”Hopefully that shuts those up that constantly comment “no Fleck?!”
Aye that’s why”

“Been reading on twitter last few days how Fleck needs to play instead of McGregor. Shouldn’t even be allowed to train beside him”

“McGinn did more on first three minutes on than john fleck all game”

“Surely its of far more benefit giving guys like Lewis Ferguson, Turnbull, Mcrorrie etc a chance in games like this than roling out guys like Fleck and Patterson ?”

“Fleck was piss poor”

“John Fleck is he a fan who got a game because he’s absolute shite”

“Fleck is still a 5-a-side player I’m afraid. Tricky wee bastard who wants to skin you, not to score.”

“Fleck was awful”

“71 minutes of dross from Fleck. Useless.”

“He’s a fraud”

“How’s John fleck benching John McGinn”

“Fleck has been superb for sheff utd for years now.”

“A bit harsh to single out Fleck.”

“one of our best players”

“John Fleck looks like if you asked a court reporter to draw the average man from the west of Scotland”

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By Roy

3 thoughts on “Scotland Fans Views On John Fleck”
  1. If you Scots don’t want fleck it’s good for us Blades he will remain fit to play for us .
    Up The Blades come home where you’re loved John

  2. Flecky wasn’t great but let’s face it, Scotland have very little quality to choose from. That’s just how it is I’m afraid. And it won’t change whilst the SPFL remains as uncompetitive as it is. Fact.

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