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“This surely has to be Burke’s last chance at a decent club, if Wilder doesn’t get through to him then he’s doomed.”

“Burke must have talent – 23yo who’s played in Champ, Bundesliga, Champs League, Prem, La Liga & for Celtic/Scotland. Managed 20 games in La Liga last year, yet failed to nail down a place anywhere. Looks lost. Glad to be rid, but is he a late developer like Traore/Bale?”

“i bet he turns into messi”

“Watch him be world class when he’s there “

“If he learns how to pick his head up and play a pass then he might be decent”

“Not being funny it’s about time Burke leaves our football club. He’s got a chance under wilder to show what he can do. There is a player there.”

“Wilder will turn him into a workhorse”

“Effort beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Every time, hopefully Wilder gets him working but thankfully not our problem when he leaves”

“Wilder no better manager to get best of Burke which won’t happen here”

“If Wilder can make a footballer of Burke then fair play.”

“Of Wilder gets Burke to work he has to go down as the greatest manager of all time”

“I can’t get my head around what Wilder sees in Burke. His attitude stinks and even last night for Scotland he looked awful. Can’t wait to get him out the club”

“If he goes to the Blades and does well then fair play to him but as long as he’s away from us I don’t care”

“Had really high hopes for Burke and I thought he’d become a great player but for all the ability you have you need the attitude to match which for some reason it doesn’t”

“No ability to read the game on the ball and no work ethic to track back off it. His body language is appaling, like a sullen teenager. He can beat a man but hasn’t the Scoobiest what to do. Good luck to Wilder getting out of him what the last 5 managers have failed to do”

“Never seen a footballer so perplexed by a bouncing ball. Like a toddler trying to catch a balloon. “

“what is the point of oliver burke?”

“If we actually get rid of Burke I will do a little dance. Kids an absolute wanker”

“There ought to be a support group set up for those of us who braved his displays during those Cup games.”

“I would of swapped Burke for a pack of peanuts !”

“i would have given him away for free, nevertheless it’s great business to send that lazy git away”

“Someone get Billic a statue erected outside the Hawthorns, pronto.”

“I don’t know if he’s lacking confidence or lazy or both but outcome is still same. £15m for a player that has had 2 league starts in 3yrs is awful, especially as two seasons were in Champ.”

“He hasn’t wanted it since the moment he joined. He will have spells wherever he goes, but there is no doubt he isn’t anywhere near ready to play in the Premier League”

“Part of me really wishes someone could just stick a rocket up his arse and get him going – bit like Traore at wolves. However his attitude his poor, his work rate is non-existent and I’m beginning to doubt there is any actually footballing ability. He’s fast. “

“Fast, very fast but that’s the only thing he’s got. No end product.”

“I’ve said many times Burke is a sprinter never a footballer”

“All I think he’s got is pace, not a footballer for me, even if he had a better attitude”

“His electric pace can get him through the door. His lakc of genuine ability and desire is why he doesn’t stick around.”

“Burke is a great athlete, but not a great footballer.”

“I could see him as an excellent long jumper.”

“Is there another Oliver Burke that Sheffield United are getting mixed up with?”

“Mugged Sheff Utd of big time here”

“4 different managers all thought Burke was not worth playing. This is a great deal for Albion. We’re mugging sheff utd”

“I swear Luke Dowling just loves mugging teams off for a living”

“Sheffield United fans seem excited about Burke….. have they not saw him play”

“Sheffield are fools”

“They are welcome to him! He is a complete joke & conned us. Hope his career continues to plunge. “

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By Roy

3 thoughts on “West Brom Fans Views On Oliver Burke”
  1. I can’t understand the negativity around Burke if I’m honest, the kid just needs someone to understand him. Is it Wilder ? Possibly but only time will tell. Robinson for all intents and purposes is a championship player at best. He struggles at the top level and while there is no disgrace in that, his physicality holds him back at the top level. United and West Brom have potentially just moved on the players they couldn’t or wouldn’t use in the Premier League. We will see how this pans out but we all know that Wilder rarely gets things wrong when it comes to players, there have been a few but it’s rare. Good luck to both players and both clubs this season, but Bilic could end up feeling a right Burke at the end of it all.

  2. West brom fans. We weren’t mugged about oli Burke. Wilder does his homework on players and wouldn’t have offered him 3 years on a whim.He would only have got one year if he was gambling on him. Bilic didn’t sell Burke to us. Wilder knows what he wants. He won’t be in the team straight away, he needs to know our system and get his fitness levels up. Time will tell.

  3. All the WBA negativity about Burke could also be said of Callum Robinson. Wilder identified very quickly that Robbo looked a “little boy lost” in the Prem. Unfortunately for him he’s not got explosive pace of Mousset, has no aerial presence like McBurnie, doesn’t track back or hold up play like McGoldrick, doesn’t anticipate crosses like our “fox in the box” Billy. So to quote Robinson himself…..Getting shut of him was a “no brainer.” for us.

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