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“Sheffield United fans seem very happy. Let’s hope he does well there.”

“quite surprised we’d sell him after how much we were told about him being the future for the last few seasons.”

“To sell him is criminal.”

“For me, this has shades of Raheem Sterling written all over it.”

“Why are we comparing him with Brewster anyway? Sterling was a first team regular, already established, Brewster is still an unknown in terms of how his career will go”

“Selling world class youngsters to rival clubs is not a good thing. “

“I think Brewster is the best young player at the club. His finishing is out of this world (you’ve only seen a fraction of this at Swansea). He he rounds out the rest of his game (he’s only 20) he’ll be worth a fortune.”

“I think he is a good player, a natural goal scorer with plenty of room for learning and improvement. He is a better alternative to Origi especially for goals and more importantly, a player for the future especially from 2021 / 22 season. There is nothing worst then selling a player who is talented as him and then in two years, we need a striker, we had one but we sold him!!!”

“Fantastic deal for everyone”

“It is a very good deal; wish him all the best, he has a big future imo.”

“Really rate Brewster so does Klopp, but it could be a case of needs must for both parties”

“I know the club would have the sense to insert a buy-back clause. Brewster is too talented for them not to.”

“I’ve been watching the reserves for years. Too late to catch Owen and Fowler so with the forwards/strikers I have ever seen Brewster is the best finisher I ever saw in the reserves (by miles)”

“Brewster will get very few chances here to be able to prove himself. Unfortunately. But he should shine playing at another club regularly. Nevertheless, it is a hard one to take I think.”

“No doubt he has talent but in my view two things why this transfer went ahead:
1 – JK does not play with an out and out striker hence he was sent on loan. Also some players can adapt to playing in different positions but I feel RB struggles to do so – (perhaps similar to Origi)
2 – 23.5 million with a 15% sale on fee and option to buy back is one heck of a deal
I wish the lad all the best and hope he smashes Arsenal – City – Manure!!”

“he will be good at a club that plays with an out and out striker
I think klopp feels he will struggle to adapt to playung different positions.”

“He’s 20 years old. Only a year younger than Mbappe. We’d of seen something by now, I’ve watched him in our u23’s and at Swansea, he’s a good player but that’s not enough to get the number 9 shirt here.
He’s been here 3 years.”

“Yeah he’s not as good as Mbappe, but then Mbappe is one of the best young players ever seen in football.
Daft to be using that against him.”

“Brewster was hitting similar heights to Owen and Rooney at youth levels of those two but suffered a major injury – something neither of them did before breaking through. Brewster has in the main overcome this injury but still needs more time (see Ox) to fully heal. But given his performances since Feb, there’s no reason to doubt he won’t hit those heights. But he actually needs to be given competitive chances.”

“the problem is from the reserves onto first team the leap is massive. And you really could do with no injuries.
Wilson was head an shoulders above everyone in the reserves too, but he also got an injury when he was 18-19.
It’s crucial for young players not to get such big injuries at that age, it pretty much always stunts their progress.”

“I regret that his development was hindered so much by that injury, just at the time when you might have expected him to come through into serious 1st team consideration. At the time, he was certainly held to be ahead even of Jones in who might be next. I also think there is every chance that he will develop his game and I wouldn’t for a moment rule out the possibility of his returning in 2/3 years.”

“I think too much of the Rhian Brewster discussion is through the lens of him being an “exciting youngster”, which of course he is. Robbed of 18 months at perhaps the most important stage of his development, but still an exciting talent.”

“The injury held him back at a key moment and he may well be looking at how contemporaries have overtaken him and be feeling like he has to move to improve his chances. And, while he’s definitely a prospect, it’s not as though he’s irreplaceable if he has itchy feet.”

“To play for the best team in the world with the best front 3 in the world you need to be able to do what Salah or Mane do from “out wide” (he doesn’t have the pace for this), or the movement, vision and guile of Firmino (could come, but miles off).
Brewster playing well doesn’t equate to him being a serious option for us.”

“I’ve said before that Brewster is one of the best finishers I have seen (at youth level) but I guess the game as moved on.”

“he isn’t a good enough all-round footballer for us.”

“SU gonna be in serious trouble at this rate.
THey needed a proven goalscorer with experience, relying on a 20 year old who’s only scored in championship to keep you up is a big ask especially when
there is no creative players around him.”

” I am not sure Brewster is going to be the answer on his own as they have looked so poor all over the pitch.”

“He’ll touch the ball 5 times this season at Sheff Utd.”

“They were 5th for big chances created last season.
Not sure if you saw the Wolves game, but they were crying out for a finisher.”

“This is Sheffield United not Burnley”

“He will be perfect for Sheffield United!”

“He is 20 and needs games. The, ‘if he were any good he would force his way into the team’ is ridiculous. Mane, Salah, and Firmino (who performs a specific role) are world-class in their positions so you can count on one hand the players that would push their way into the team ahead of them. So that makes Brewster a squad player. Origi is a seasoned pro so minutes here and there from the bench are going to do him no harm, he has developed as much as he is going to. Brewster is in his formative years, he needs games.
From a selfish point of view, I would want Brewster to stay as a last-ditch option from the bench but that isn’t going to do the player any good. He needs to play week in and week out and test himself against some of the best defenders in Europe. To write him off is way too premature. Maybe this time a spade is a spade and we do actually want to develop the player. As we’ve seen we aren’t flush with cash so we need to look for solutions from within the club. Loan him out and see how he does. If it doesn’t work out, fine, but Brewster after his showing last year, his pre-season, and the fact he came off a major injury that cost him a year of development deserves the benefit of the doubt.”


“I had very little hope of him returning this season, he’s gonna be a lot better than a championship club”

“Ideal move for him, sadly.
Proper player”

“Could be a great signing for them , good team ethic Ollie great work rate , Brewster to convert the chances they make”

“Played some good football last season , overlapping centre backs , brilliant wing backs hard working , and Ollie’s graft , a good fit in my opinion”

“I can’t believe no other premier league side has come in for him.”

“Physical and got pace. Doesn’t look overawed.”

“pace, power, incredible eye for goal”

“Quality player”

“natural goalscorer”

“guys a natural born finisher. Will easy make it in the Prem”

“Loved his attitude got stuck in and runs his heart out.”

“he works hard”

“Brewster is a decent player and he may be PL standard, but maybe he’s not seen as top of the PL standard, who knows. I’d be happy to have him back in Swansea.”

“Brewster was good because he was getting the service not having to fight for everything himself”

“Maybe not the cleverest decision to go there.
His work rate was his weakness at Liverpool, and often went missing in games for us. Wouldn’t expect Wilder to tolerate that, given his teams’ successes are founded on a massive work ethic.”

“For me not a team I’d want Rhian to go to, but that’s happened before.”

“I dont like Sheffield Utd, so wouldnt want anyone going there if they are any good”

“Not sure I can take watching McBurnie and Brewster up top together for Sheffield United.Both will out score Watkins in the league this year “

“think Sheff Utd might struggle this season. They had surprise value last season. and they don’t play the kind of football Liverpool do. I enjoyed watching them out-muscle many of the established teams but a repeat performance remains to be seen. Surprised Brewster went there”

“Maybe we could loan McBurnie”

By Roy

One thought on “Liverpool and Swansea Fans Views On Rhian Brewster”
  1. I’ve herd some good things about this guy, I hope everything iv herd is true, we lack that pace up front and moose gave us that option to attack at pace but his injury as hurt us badly, we (the blades) have a great work ethic and the team work their socks off, and although we have lost all 3 games this season we are in the top 3 for crosses into the box, we just haven’t had anyone to put the ball in the net, let’s hope RB can be that man, think we need Another striker also,

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