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“Fleck is the only Scotland player I’d personally like to see in the Rangers current squad.”

” I would personally have fleck before McGinn.”

“John fleck>Calum McGregor”

“The way folk go on about him I’m expecting Pirlo.”

“Somebody needs to tell fleck he’s can pass forward”

“Considine, Jack, Fleck… Just not cutting it for Scotland.”

“Fleck is an empty shirt. I’m not sure hes done one notable thing in any appearance hes had for scotland.”

“Game passed him by”

“John fleck is garbage”

“A complete passenger and offered us nothing”

“Don’t see it with Fleck. Really don’t see what he offers”

“John Fleck is honking”.

“John Fleck is a wee plum and oot his depth”

“John Fleck shouldn’t be anywhere near this squad. Awful player. Starting to think an unfit Griffiths would be a good shout”

“John Fleck is the most Scottish looking guy I’ve ever seen”

By Roy

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