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“Searching ‘McBurnie’ during a Scotland game is always a good reminder of how horrible a place social media can be.
You’d never guess that the nation is meant to be in a positive mood or that, you know, he’s actually a decent player (when you don’t launch the ball at his head).”

“Genuinely don’t think McBurnie could be blamed at all if he just packed it in. The flak he takes is nothing short of a disgrace.
Missed a few chances tonight, one gilt-edged, but he played quite well. You’d think he’d spat on Robert the Bruce’s grave the way some folk go on.”

“I like McBurnie . He did well today. He’s improving.”

“No fan of McBurnie but thought he worked very hard.”

“I still think McBurnie will end up having a good career with Scotland.
He really needs a goal soon.”

“I’d be delighted to see McBurnie get a goal. His effort deserves it”

“As soon as mcburnie gets that 1st goal. He’ll settle in and will be fine.”

“Calling it now, he’s scoring the winner against England next summer.”

“Thought McBurnie played ok and was a big part of how we created quite a lot of chances. Just needs a goal!”

“McBurnie is no were near as bad as people think and did ok and should have scored. He had three attempts at goal though which is three more than Dykes had against Serbia. I think a lot of people are missing the point of the strikers in the formation we play.”

“There is absolutely no question that McBurnie just doesn’t appear to have it, but some of the abuse he takes on here is ridiculous. Way over the top at a time when there should only be positive vibes.”

“Don’t want to go down the bashing McBurnie route (again!) but he is simply not good enough to play up top on his own for Scotland. Whatever level he plays at for his club, he’s not the right fit for this Scotland side.”

“Crazy thought here. Maybe people are saying McBurnie isn’t very good because he isn’t very good.”

“McBurnie for Scotland.
Played 14
Scored 0
Assisted 0
Minutes 657 (just over 7 full games)
Scotland have only scored 1 goal when McBurnie has been on the pitch.”

“I have really tried to be see what he brings. But I’m struggling. He is nowhere near international class.”

“lots of chances and not good enough. Wouldn’t shut the door, but would only give him another go in a friendly.”

“just don’t see it. He gets in to good positions , but its like his brain is too slow to figure out what he’s meant to do and far too often after a brilliant build up, the play just breaks down when it goes to him”

“He’s shown very little to nothing in any the games he’s played. He isn’t even a regular starter for his club.”

“Dykes for McBurnie and we would have won”

“As for McBurnie, and sorry if this is harsh, but I really never want to see him start a game for us again unless its against San Marino or Gibraltar. He’s fine to throw on if we are 2-0 up and to see the game out ; but he’s hopeless, and if we had Dykes starting, we may well have won that game. Whilst Griffiths didn’t have a great game, he did create two or three chances in his 20 minutes on the pitch, and is much better at holding up the ball.”

“I can’t see mcburnie lasting in the epl long term whereas other strikers who have come up from the championship will. He’s useless and the fact I continue to say he’s useless despite him playing epl shows I don’t always rate epl players.”

“It’s clear McBurnie isn’t good enough or a good fit for us”

“A guy who can’t control a ball is no use to us.”

“Time to say enough is enough re McBurnie”

“The McBurnie “experiment”, if you want to call it that, has well and truly failed. Dykes, Griffiths, Shankland and Nisbet have got to be ahead of him from now on.”

“The mcburnie experiment has been going on for over two and a half years now . I think March when we get to three years would be a good place and time to call it a day.”

“I’d think twice about passing to McBurnie but chance going for it myself. And that’s not a good place to be.”

“The only reason McBurnie is even remotely defended is because he supports rangers”

“I wouldn’t want Mcburnie anywhere near Ibrox”

“How the did McBurnie ever become a professional player? I dont think Ive ever seen a worse player.”

“He’s truly a dreadful player. No touch, no pace and can’t finish.”

“McBurnie is pure mince.Disgrace of a player.”

“Oil McBurnie more like Oli McDisgrace”

“Playing the utterly dreadful Mcburnie for 93 minutes is I’m afraid a step backward, good teams keep ruthlessly winning, that was amateurish playing that waste of space up front”

“If McBurnie was a dog you’d be thinking about taking him to the vets to get him put out of his misery”

“McBurnie = Possesses all the speed and agility of striking sloth!”

“if he fell in a barrel of tits he’d come out sucking his thumb”

“Was gonnae do a tweet about how shite mcburnie was but it seems everyone’s got it covered”

“mcburnie is worse than George Weahs cousin souness brought on at Southampton”

“McBurnie has gotta be the worst ever Scotland player..
20m ..for the love of God why”

“Surely mcburnie canny just keep getting selected cos someone was stupid enough to pay £20m for the donkey”

“People slagging off Marcus Rashford for spending that money on houses for his family should remember that Sheffield United spent that amount on Oli McBurnie.For the record: Oli McBurnie could have a Lisbon Lions tattoo on his neck, rosaries in his pocket and a Wolfe Tones CD in his car and I would still say he is in no way even remotely close to being an international striker.”

By Roy

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