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“very good performances from Ampadu, Meopham, Ward”

“Ampadu is a rolls royce talent. Don’t ever doubt that”

“Ampadu with another solid display. Ireland never really offered much, but he held his position and always made himself an option. He’ll only get better the more he plays.”

“Ampadu excellent”

“Ampadu was everywhere tonight”

“Ampadu was quality”


“Seriously, how good a player is Ampadu? And the lad’s still basically a kid.”

“his was a mature performance. More disciplined, less showy”

“confident in possession, him and Allen will be a formidable partnership in the centre of the park. Cleaned up everything that came to him.”

“Ampadu and Morrell look a really good midfield partnership, promising signs there”

“Morrell and Ampadu isn’t a championship midfield never mind international quality.”

“Ampadu had yet another subdued game. Sound defensively, but offered nothing going forwards. “

“Think this is the most anonymous I’ve seen Ampadu play.”

“Ampadu just doesn’t know how to play the simple pass. “

“Ampadu is useless”

“not a stellar performance from RND, decision making leaves a lot to be desired and for a LWB his attacking isn’t great, lot of backwards passing. “

“I’m afraid RND wasn’t up to the task tonight”

“Finding Norrington-Davies so painful to watch”

“Any attack momentum stopped when Norrington-Davies got the ball, no pace and poor delivery”

“Norrington Davies not good enough”

“Norrington-Davies is not very good”

“Norrington Davies was struggling to really get forward as much as he needed to. “

“Norrington Davies was decent imo.”

“Yn wahanol i Malcom Allen, dim Norrington-Davies yw y problem efo Cymru heno. Ma Bales/James/Brooks i gyd wedi bod yn sal.”

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