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Excellent signing for them. Certainly makes them stronger not weaker.

I don’t think he had a bad season last year, maybe didnt quite hit the heights of previous seasons but there’s no denying he is still a top end championship player.

For experience and professionalism alone he would have enhanced our young squad.

“Good old parachute money”

“Not we need at this stage IMHO. It’s bite and steel we need in the spine, we arguably have enough flair.
Though set pieces would be a bonus, I guess. But that will come.”

“From legend to leg end in one move!”

“Great player who owes us nothing, he’s not a local lad and was paid well to do a job, I’d have loved to see him back here but I’ll think no differently about him if joins the blunts”

“He was terrible in the play-offs, anyway. I hope his legs have gone.”

“May he continue his Swansea form, and assist their plummet into League One.”

“Agent Connor to navigate relegation and grab a sackful of cash. There’s not one person who wouldn’t go any where in football for the money.
Good luck Conor.”

“He won’t turn a bad Sheff U team into a good one. He didn’t even turn a good Championship side into a promoted one.”

“He had 5 good games, . But his time with Swansea couldn’t end quick enough for their fans.”


“Sheffield United appear to really be sturggling at the moment, and one thing you are guaranteed with Conor in the championship is goals and assists. Its a good move for both parties and I do think he can bring that experience and know how to a championship team, settling them down a bit and being the difference between getting 3 points or 1 in some games. Not sure they will be getting promoted this year, but there is the chance via playoffs i suppose. We kicked into life with that 10 game winning run a few years ago, so its always possible. Good luck Conor!”

“He’ll do well at Sheffield United, no doubt. Hopefully he gets them into/near the top 6 and they decide to take him permanently. I want him to be loved and appreciated as much as he is by most of our fans”

“loved having him as a Villa player during his time here. A few fond memories he has left us with. Bargain and helped the club to promotion. Glad he got his crack at playing in the Premier League with us and fulfilled his dream. UTV Conor.”

“Will always have respect for the guy. He’s done his part for us.
I wish him well in the future. “

“Conor is a model pro! Wants to play and he won’t here. Hopefully he’ll get on well and SU!
He’s a huge part of why we’re playing Premiership football right now. And for that I thank him.”

“Really sad to see him go.
My memories of him will be postivie ones. He gave his all for the club, was professional through out and playing a big part in getting us back into the top flight.”

“Great professional and a key member of the team that erased the ghosts of previous shambolic Villa teams.
Great signing by Bruce to be fair to him. Good luck Conor.”

“Sad to see him go but a pure professional. Scored so many big goals for us, the equaliser against the baggies, the resolve to take a penalty and bury it in the second leg. Turned in a good performance last Tuesday when he had to know he was off.”

“He has been a very good signing for us, vital in our promotion and played his part in us staying up in our first season back in the Premier League.”

“Always wanted Connor to be a success as he seems a top bloke, played his part getting us back to the PL but unfortunately he wasn’t up to the standard needed, wish him all the best for the future.”

“He did a lot for us in the Championship, and I like the guy, but he put in some right stinkers in the PL, and I think is benefitting from his reputation improving the longer he spent out of the team.”

“Did his thing, but I think struggled with fitness, to inconsistent in the Prem.”

“Hourihane has never been a PL standard midfielder. The one campaign he played a huge part in we survived relegation by a point.
The man has a wand of a left foot but offers nothing else. “


“Absolutely dreadful for us. Not sure if it was the system that made him look bad, but I’m astounded he’s gotten another loan at a team who expect to be pushing for promotion. The 2 set piece goals mean literally that for the entire season, and then twenty games of abysmal set-pieces worse than everyone we already had on them.”

“Bang average for us. Wouldn’t expect much . Games just pass him by and he has no fight or desire when things get tough”

“Thank God we didn’t go back in for him”

“He could slow the play down in midfield a bit more, give Grimes a break from doing it”

“We need the cavalry, not the regiment mascot.”

“I’d rather revisit my last dump specimin then have him back”

“Useless. His name should never ever be mentioned on here ever again”

“Martin doesn’t want gutless, workshy, loafers like him.”

“If he’s anything for them like he was with us they’ll ditch him before Christmas.”

“Can almost guarantee he’ll be another Clucas. Game of his life every time he plays us.”

“Better him being honest and trying to stop us winning for the opposition rather from within. The way he was playing I swear he wouldn’t have surprised me if he’d rifled one in past woodman “by mistake”.
Plus he can only have an adverse effect on our performance at brammall lane now rather than the other remaining 40 odd games we have left”

“That’s Sheffield relegated.”

“new manager won’t change him from a gutless hide & seek champion.”

By Roy

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