“Most pointless signing Liverpool ever made”

“Ben Davies was a completely pointless signing. May well make a profit on the deal but this is professional football and not Bargain Hunt.”

“There was a time I thought Ben Davies was a character in a LFC multiverse… But no he exists”

“He does exist! The legends are true!”

“I dont think this is much of a surprise tbh. Not sure why he didnt get more of a chance last season but I suspect we hope he has a good season to increase his market value.”

“A loan will repay the money we paid for him and a good season will see his value go up.”

“I’m pleased for him , it’s been a full@on bloody disaster that move”

“Good luck to Ben Davies at Sheffield United will get too start regularly still wild we bought him didn’t play even when had literally no cb”

“Happy for him, I hope he can show the fans his quality…I liked the way he played in Preston”

“Good luck to the lad. Bought in for little outlay when we were knackered for centre backs, caught an injury and Williams & Phillips emerged. Rare commodity a left footed, ball playing centre back. Looked well playing for PNE & should do well for The Blades on loan getting games.”

“Who is he?”


“Personally think Davies is a £15m defender”

“I don’t think Bauer is overhyped, I just think Ben Davies dragged him to a position that he looked quality. Davies struggled physically, Bauer dominated physically, Bauer struggled for pace and distribution, Davies covered that side of his game. They were a perfect partnership”

“Davies is a really good championship defender at a good age.”

“He’s a Rolls-Royce”

“At our level he’s always been a sort of a Rolls Royce.”

“He’s awesome. Far too good for this level. Just coasts through games with absolute ease. It’s been a joy to watch him”

“Rapid. Composed on the ball with superb range of passing. Rarely flustered and comfortable bringing the ball out from the back. Left footed too Struggles against physical strikers but can only get better”

“Calm, composed, left footed ball player. Lacks a bit of physicality against strikers who look to bully opposition. Deceptively quick and rarely makes mistakes.”

“He has the ability and composure to play at the very top level IMO”

“Ben Davies is still a big loss”

“Davies is irreplaceable,”

“Davies was the main difference between us being mid table and flirting with relegation ~ or 6-8 points at least.”

“Davies stood out massively in our defence”

” a top class championship defender”

.”I said he was absolutely brilliant as soon as he broke into the first team”

“Davies is a decent ball player with good positional sense. Will need to improve his physical attributes IMO if he’s to make it in the Prem”

“He needs an aerial threat alongside him”

“He conducted himself in such an exemplary way when he left, quite the opposite to Ben Peasron”

By Roy

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