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Stoke City Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Really don’t get the love in with him. So far offered nothing apart from alot of huff and puff. For me Fox every time at LB..”

“He can’t defend very well and I still don’t think he adds more going forward than Fox does. “

“He is a useful squad member, not a wing back at all. Fox is steadier and more versatile”

“He looked the part in his first couple of outings but now looks very ordinary and a bit of a liability at defending and in temperament. He’s been Stoked!!”

“He looked superb in his first couple of games we’ve gradually dragged him down to the level of the rest of the dross.”

“He’s been pretty average since his sending off……”

“He’s a young player learning his trade and that reflects in his play.
He’s rash and stupid but equally he has some good qualities as well.”

“Has at least one psychotic challenge in him a game.”

“A very poor man’s Stuart Pearce.”

“Watching him on the pitch I could imagine he could start a fight in a bar where only he is in there, and come out bloodied and smiling”

“Walking red card.If we can steady him down a little, he is a good player. “

“Decent up an down fullback,we ain’t going get much better am afraid”

“Another modern fullback who is better going forward than he is defending. Seem to be all the rage these days.”

“Bit of defensive coaching and he will be a decent prem/Championship wing back”

“RND seems to be a livewire player who certainly likes to be involved in the action on the pitch. When he plays in a match we are certainly aware that he is there and is not generally a passenger.”

“He’s got pace and is good on the recovery. If he’s affordable we should sign him”

“He’s by no means the finished article but if there’s a deal to be done with Sheffield, we should beat their door down for it.”

“shame he won’t be here next season.”

“do like his all action style after some of the left backs we’ve been subjected to.”

“He’s done great so far overall, just needs to channel his aggression sometimes which will come with time. Easy to forget he’s 21.”

“Some of the criticism is a bit bizarre. He’s only 21. Of course he’s not going to be the finished article!
Will be a really good Premier League player in a few years.”

“Very very decent, said it since day one, some forget he’s only 21.”

“I really like him.
As been said he’s still learning his trade and he’ll only get better.
Give him a couple of years and he’ll be one of the better left backs in the Premier League.”

Nottingham Forest Fans Views On Luke Freeman

“He’s a tidy player with decent feet but simply out of shape. You’ve got to have exceptional tekkers to get away with being fat these days”

” fancy asking him breaking from his own half. Its like Tomlin you need to give them ball near the oppositions box and let them run riot.”

“offered very little. Still carrying some extra timber. Not much fitness or pace.
Show good technical skill with ball at feet but then again so does Ameobi”

“Great thing about Luke is we can send him back in 8 games.
Hes not our problem anymore then and as such early worth bothering talking about.”

“Desperately wanted this to be the Luke Freeman that carved through opposition midfield for fun, it just aint though, safe to say it doesnt look like its happening for him here.”

“Some players work, some don’t – but it’s fair to say Freeman has offered absolutely nothing in his time here. My biggest problem is he just looks easy to play against.”

“very disappointing.
A proper Bullseye signing – “let’s see what you could have won…”.

“Fatter than Andy Reid. Get rid”

“Time he was released on a free, man.”

“Never thought he fitted in with Sabri, I just thought it was a strange signing for a team sitting deep and countering. Under Hughton his lack of pace set him back, shame he hasnt had more opportunities at 10 as thats more suited to him. Some players fit certain managers, if we had Warbuton Freeman would have been perfect.”

“Freeman was a top signing, anything that’s played out subsequently is purely down to a palpable lack of fitness.”

“I can only speak from experience of watching him comer to the city ground with the likes of QPR & Sheff Utd. I can tell you he often strolled through our midfield with relative ease using his own half as the starting point. Granted thats hardly a ringing endorsement, but he was a player who travelled freely with the ball, at pace.
Based on what Ive seen, he’s a player who travels with the ball in space, rather than a player who operates in traffic, to that end, he works in either of the last two approaches.”

Hull City Fans Views On Regan Slater

“He’s playing very well at the moment”

“Thought Regan Slater really stepped up to the plate today”

” Slater especially has been outstanding”

“Not put a foot wrong when come into the team, good engine & likes a tackle, whats not to like.”

“Slater done well. Was concerned about the latter, though to his credit, he’s done well”

“Not seen too much of him but from what I’ve seen he’s not shown enough.”

“Slater needs to up his game”

“He owes us some performances”

” Slater has largely been anonymous in all the games he’s played.”

“he’s a waste of a shirt.”

“I’d play the tea lady over Slater (Sorry if you’re reading Regan)”

“Slater has been involved in a lot of games, I still wonder if Sheff Utd’s loan contract stipulates he has to play a percentage of games if fit and available for selection”

Beerschot Fans Views On Ismalia Coulibaly

“COULIBALY-SANUSI-PIETERMAAT. Strongest midfield in the league”

“Coulibaly was born on 25 December 2000. For this reason he is immediately nicknamed the Malian Jesus Christ. Midfielder of enormous depth, used to working miracles on the pitch”

“Such an exciting young talent”

“Coulibaly is really an animal”

“One of the players of the season. Only 20 years old!”

“Thank Sheffield United very much for him”

“Having a very good season”

“Very big talent”

“Dream on AC Milan”

“remember this name please”

FC Emmen Fans Views On Micheal Verrips

“verrips has been outstanding.”

“Verrips makes an excellent impression, and I dare him calmly with the best keepers in the league”

“Man of the match tonight”

“Best player!”

“Verrips made at least two great saves.”

“Verrips kept us in the match”

“We now have a good goalkeeper”

“Goalkeeper with the most potential in the Netherlands”

“Should be in Netherlands roster”

“Been very strong”

“Verrips’ mistake, but it remains a great goalie”

” goalkeeper was still the hero against FC Utrecht, his blunder seemed to lead to the 17th defeat of the season”

“Verrips too expensive to buy”

Swindon Town Fans Views On Tyler Smith

“is Tyler still with us? Surprised he can’t even make the bench ahead of Omotoye.”

“We tried to send him back but Sheff said no”

“been dropped completely”

“Feel sorry for him as he is always bright and positive when we speak to him. Seems a difficult one for everyone to deal with”

“Tyler smith should be the one most frustrated, scored some good goals and can’t come on in front of zero goals Omotye. Hope has also had a very good season”

“Thing is Tyler Smith showed plenty of promise but then you can expect performances like yesterday when you get left out in the cold for so long”

” cant understand the love for Tyler Smith “

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