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Sweden fans views on the performances of Robin Olsen on the games against Spain, Uzbekistan and Greece

“Robin Olsen is the best keeper in the world”

“Olsen immense at the back”

“Let’s go Sweden!! Huge dub for us, Isak and Kulusevski are a cheat code and Olsen is a wall”

“Olsen is so good every time for Sweden “

“Olsen is sharpened with his leg parades and the ability to start the game quickly. “

“Robin Olsen for Sweden > prime Neuer“

“Janne and the national team really know this by mixing brilliant efforts with delivering really useless matches, everyone except Olsen can go home from Athens “

“awful match. Olsen alone with a passing grade. “

“It is sad that Robin Olsen had to act alone in the defense tonight”

„Sweden’s central midfield is completely too bad and without Ekdal they are useless. We also do not have a right back of quality which sucks but Robin Olsen is a legend at least“

“It was simply deplorable with one exception: Robin Olsen. A giant. “

“Robin The Great Olsen. 4-1 to the Greek if the fantastic had not excelled. “

“Robin Olsen. WHAT A MONSTER”

“The next match I think Robin Olsen will play both goalkeeper and striker! He fought the whole match through anyway! “

“Imagine how good Robin Olsen would be if he played football more than five times a year. “

“A mystery that Robin Olsen does not play in a top league in Europe. Or does he have the world’s worst agent ?! “

“Unreal that he will play in Sheffield”

“Sheffield must be wondering how the phase went when they got Robin Olsen as goalkeeper for the English second division? “

“Olsen is slightly better than Sheffield United”

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