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Views taken from fans of the Republic Of Ireland on the performances of John Egan and Enda Stevens in their games against Portugal and Luxembourg

“John Egan would be a great addition to 75% of Premier League defences “

“Has everything. Wasted in Championship.”

“he’s stuck in the championship… just a stigma toward Irish players … hopefully it all changes soon”

“Egan has improved & developed immensely since he first played with Sh.Utd.”

“was shocked he was still at Sheffield after the summer”

“John Egan = No Nonsense. You know what you’re getting from a Cork Man”

“Egan and Bazunu in particular have been quality last few matches.”

“Cullen my MOTM but could’ve been given to Duffy or Egan as well I felt they were both great.”

“Duffy, Egan and Robinson are our soul source of our goals.”

“Didnt think it was Egan’s best game either, his passing was sloppy all night.”

“Egan looks short on confidence “

“Sheffield United are a bit of a shambles all round at the moment, hardly Egans fault. He has been very good in a back 4 for us before. I think the issue for Sheffield United is a coaching one, their new manager has a squad that’s been built around 352 and he’s trying to force it into 4231.”

“Enda did well”

” maybe play McClean at LWB – he probably has a bit more to his attacking game than Stevens does”

“McClean is playing better than stevens at mo”

“When mcclean came on he was far worse than Stevens. Gave away the ball so many times.”

“drop mcclean/Stevens and put doherty over there”

“Henderick back to his old ways of passing back without even a consideration for a forward pass; stevens likewise”

“Stevens was inconsistent. Some great passes mixed with awful touches.”

“Good to see Enda Stevens not starting. He was very very poor v Portugal (it was amazing he stayed on so long)”

“I thought Stevens was poor against Portugal and didn’t deserve to keep his place”

“he had a lot of iffy moments against Portugal”

“Thought he had a poor game and doesn’t deserve to retain his place”

“stevens is dreadful”

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