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“Very good keeper.”

“I like Davies, good keeper at this level “

“I think he’s decent yes not amazing but decent.”

“he’s the best keeper we have on our books at this point. “

“knows how to save a penalty”

“hes 1000 or more times better then Bonham who is a rank flapper. Cannot for the life of me think why anyone at Stoke prefers Bonham over Davies. Another baffling decision that has cost us points.”

“our manager is selling our best keeper
Unbelievable “

“He’s been steady enough. Calmed things down when Butland was throwing them in, then when Bursik wobbled and the bloke from Southampton made him look like Gordon Banks.
Not really arsed either way but I think he did a decent job. “

“Didn’t Davies take over from Butland when Jack was having a very bad spell, and I seem to recall that Adam arrived in the team to great acclaim , and was a revelation with some very assured and competent displays. Everyone seemed happy with him then”

“Hardly a revelation. He was steady away, didn’t make massive howlers but equally he barely had a save to make.
If he was any good he’d have played long before he did, so bad was Butlands form at the time. He played only when the manager really had no choice but to bring him in. It really could have been anyone.”

“He had 8 clean sheets in 17 games. I’m sure he faced more than “barely a save” in 17 games to be honest. He isn’t in the same form now, that’s true, but he was doing well beforehand. “

“I love how the (very weak) clean sheets thing seems to be the only argument anyone has for him being any good. I honestly think I’ve been more generous about what his actual strengths are (he’s good in 1 on 1s) and I think he’s an absolutely dreadful goalkeeper”

“Dreadful keeper who is decent in 1 v 1 situations is bang on.”

“He’s distinctly average so I’m not sad to see him go. I was surprised Sheff Utd wanted him really but now I’ve seen the history between him and their manager it makes sense now.”

“Basically dined out his whole Stoke career on the Notbutland effect. Woeful goalkeeper unfortunately”

“definitely is not our best keeper.”

“Davies probably not the best keeper in his house let alone within the club”

“Davies and Bursik are as average as each other. I’d have Davies ahead of Bursik (just!)”

“not what’s required to get us out of this league and no way a Premier League player. “

“I know goalkeepers and Davies was terrible.”

“crap and hugely overpaid for his abilities.”

“Get rid.
Distinctly average goalkeeper. “

“Never really been a fan.”

“Not fussed”

“He’s an OK Championship keeper- was fine for us for a while, but he’s not a top 6 goalie. “

“I think he’s a better goalkeeper than he gets credit for on here and his stats show it too.”

“Davies is better than some people are making out”

“He ain’t a great keeper, he ain’t a bad keeper”

By Roy

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