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“Decent first half from the Hatters but it petered out fairly quickly after the break. Five game unbeaten run comes to an end. Still, no disgrace to lose here.”

“Comprehensively outplayed.We depend on the high press to subdue teams like this, after the exertions this week just wasn’t possible. Low block almost worked, a couple of poor defensive errors did for us. On to Tuesday”

“Awful performance “

“Worst performance of the season”

“Wtf even happened in the second half, it was very much embarrassing, first half, can’t fault anything”

“A desperately poor second half performance”

“It was a pitiful performance, no doubt accepted by the ‘yeah but Reading’ simpletons.
1800 Luton spunked good money to witness a toothless shit show. We lost to a mediocre team going no where. Jones likes to beat his chest when we win. Hopefully he’ll be man enough to admit he fuked up royal today.
I still think we’ll finish higher than last season but today was a poor day. “

“But 2 incredibly soft goals to concede. I’d be fuming if I was a defensive coach. School boy errors.”

“There wasn’t a single one of our three centre halves within about 10 metres of the goal scorer. Who had a point blank free header about 8 yards out dead centre of the goal. Explain that?”

“hows our level too. Apart from a couple of sloppy goals we held them. Ok, so we never looked like scoring – certainly in the 2nd half but a draw would have been a decent result.
Cut out our sloppy errors and we’ll be s real force to be reckoned with.”

“You could break down 90% of goals scored over any weekend and argue they were preventable. I’d argue that all 3 Luton goals against Bournemouth last week could have been prevented. It’d be a pretty shit sport if all preventable goals were prevented “

“as a team we play well, if 8 or so have a good game we might win, if only 2 or 3 play well we loose. today we played pants a game of nothing for us… as we are a team of build on graft and press”

“15 minutes of madness cost us.”

“Bit of perspective though. Sheff U were a Premier team last season with £100M of parachute payment.”

“In reality this league is full of money we haven’t got.
SU replaced one £20 million players with another of equal value in the second half. We can only do what we can with the resources at our disposal.
I’m quite happy on the journey the club is undertaking in this league. If we can hold our own for now then that is a success in light of everything stacked against us. “

“Replacing 20m players with another of equal value doesn’t excuse the fact we let a bloke have a free header in the box “

“Open competition creates amazing things. It’s just a shame that it’s most often doomed to end up in a situation where the strongest start lobbying to entrench their positions; ####ing things up for everybody apart from the few.”

” these were there for taking. First 15 minutes of second half has destroyed us”

“Well let’s be honest that was not very good. No surprise given the team selection really”

“I’ve said the same for a few years now.
Why should you get 80 mil for getting relegation. “

“NJ said “We’ve not spent 20 million in our history and they can spend it willy nilly””

“What a cock up. Sorry Nathan, you’re to blame.”

“Exactly. Most said it before ball kicked. Being to clever “

“Same old story,cant do three games in a week.They had enough time off over xmas and new year.”

“We haven’t played 3 games this week.
If anything our early start last Saturday gave them most of Saturday off too.
Amazing manager, but sometimes Jones talks an infuriating brand of shit. “

“Ref and assistant ignore foul on luton plater they punt ball down field Burke with great rugby tackle straight red “

“Officials were awful. Bournemouth was against 12 men, everyone in the stadium felt it”

“Well that was dreadful.
Bramall Lane is an absolute library, worst home support I’ve ever seen. “

“We were rubbish second half. But I tell you what Sheff Utd fans were worse”

“That’s an embarrassing game. How we getting beaten by that shower of shite? And that embarrassing fanbase? Livid.”

“Embarrassing crowd, Wednesday are bigger”

“This will sound bitter but Sheffield United fans today were honestly some of the worst I’ve ever seen (I would say heard but…)
messed up You Fill Up My Senses, and then made absolute no noise apart from when they scored for about 30 seconds”

“Not a patch on Wednesday”

“Bit unfair as we weren’t expecting to play in a library.”

“Terrible crowd, tinpot at best”

“Sheffield United have one of worst fans base in league. Fact.”

“Sheffield United’s home support is the worst I’ve ever seen”

“It’s not even one of, it’s the worst. Awful.”

“their fans are dreadful”

“Over 27000 and the atmosphere was dead”

“No atmosphere at all other than us”

By Roy

7 thoughts on “View From Luton”
  1. Embarrassing are you having a laugh, we are the best supporters in that league we have a shite manager and even shit board but as for the fans there No1

  2. Wednesday fans have answered this post
    Tinpot is A Sheffield word used normally to describe the Pigs
    Gave the game away this time you Wednesday losers …..😜

  3. Worst fan base ??? There was over 27.000 there as per usual,, It was quite yes but then again we were only playing little Luton

  4. Did the Luton so called fans actually turn up.haha.We battered them second half,should have been 5 or 6.Minnows of the league.⚔⚔⚔

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