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“We haven’t lost in the Fiddlers county for a long time, can we keep the unbeaten run going tomorrow?”

“After the good run we have had it feels like a free hit ahead of a couple of games back at the Kenny. The players will be confident and positive which should lead to a good performance. “

“A win here is a massive statement to the rest of the league “

“We havent won three in a row since the last glacial ice age”

“I would happily take a point”

“I think we’ll take a good few thousand. We’re just happy to be back at the Lane! I’d be delighted with a point.”

“We have 3 games in 6 days. How can this be fair, this will be a tough game. Will nj change it up abit. “

“Oh well, these grown men will have to struggle through somehow. Bless ‘em.”

“To make the playoffs a team needs on average approximately 74 points and more than likely at least 70.
If we win our 2 games in hand and get as many points as we did in 2019/2020 (30 points from 29th Jan onwards) when we avoided relegation we will have 71 points. “

“Calm down. Mid table would be an excellent season.”

“Let’s not get carried away. We have some injuries and Sheffield United are a good side.
We have a great opportunity to string a run together which we have not really done so far this season “

“Not happening, more chance of a lucky run to a cup semi“

“The difference in attitude between Norrington-Davies and KDH when they were here was like comparing coal to diamond.
Expect him to end up at Ipswich/Sunderland/Derby saying he’s moved cos he wants to play in the Premiership…”

“Be good to let him know how we feel tomorrow”

“decent player, would prefer we still had him”

By Roy

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