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“I was soo proud today, I admit to having a tear in my eye, absolutely brilliant, thank you Rams and our loyal and loud fans!”

“Sat with my Dad before the game discussing our favourite ever games…
Today is honestly up there for me. So so proud of Derby County. “

“What a superb win..
The morally bankrupt EFL can throw what they like at us but we are Derby County…we have history and heritage and the best fans. We will survive, our players and management team deserve that at least. New owners whoever they are should be privileged to own such a fantastic club ..
Just get it done and let these boys make history”

“I am absolutely astounded that these players and management team can produce a performance like that after what happened yesterday. It defies belief. I’m so proud and I’ve got a tear in my eye. I wish my lad and I could have been there today, showing these heroes my appreciation. Just amazing. “

“I’m so ducking proud of this team. One of the proudest I’ve ever been as a Derby fan I think.”

“The more they try to snuff us out, the harder we will fight
In bits after that”

“Just magnificent. Simple as that. “

“Haven’t cried like this since the last death in my family… I love you Derby County and I really hope that one of the parties interested is willing to take the risk on our amazing club. “

“Everyone in this team needs a knighthood. So so proud. The heart and desire is incredible. Very emotional here”

“We don’t give in to bullies. We duck em “

“Of all my years watching Derby I don’t think I’ve been more prouder of this club, with everything happening I’m actually overwhelmed with emotion today. Amazing, awesome, brilliant, I love every single one of you x COYR”

“Just back….Wow just Wow what a team, what support, Up the Rams! “

“We outsung the United fans literally from the start. “

“Just home and still buzzing, that second half and two of the finest goals I have seen made up for a dour first half. Had to stay for a while to applaud the team and watch Billy Sharp applaud an empty away end – great day!”

“fat lad from Sheffield was rattled “

“I honestly find the saga between sharp and derby unpalatable. I don’t blame him for this behaviour after the amount of distasteful shite he has had off some of our fan base over the years. Don’t blame him at all”

“Considering how many fans Sheff Utd bought to Derby today they were bloody awful! On the other hand, Pride Park was on fire! C’mon Derby we’ve got this Considering how many fans Sheff Utd bought to Derby today they were bloody awful! On the other hand, Pride Park was on fire! C’mon Derby we’ve got this”

“Sheff U will always be in Wednesday’s shadow. Awful set of fans. “

“Sheff Utd fans were absolutely shocking today. Sheff Wednesday made more noise last season behind closed doors ffs!!”

“Awful support, snide chants and a bunch of players who clearly dont give a shit.Sheff Utd proving today what we all knew. Last few years were a blip and they will always be a shit Sheffield Wednesday.”

“Was that the worst sold out away support at Pride Park in history by the way? Don’t even think they did 1 chant all game. Sheff United fans are usually quite decent as well. “

“First time Ive been disappointed with Sheff Utd fans at Derby, normally superb, literally never heard a peep out of them today, away end full and silent, very strange”

“This season pound for pound Sheffield United are the worst fans in the league. Awful”

“Sheffield United doing a sponsored silence. Did ace lads. Well done”

By Roy

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